St. Leon Creek

Aislinge at St. Leon Creek

Aislinge at St. Leon Creek

The St. Leon Creek hotspring is an undeveloped alternative to the Nakusp Hotsprings commercial site. It is located on Hwy 6, between Nakusp and Galena Bay.

This is not a commercial site, but it has been developed by its regular users. A concrete pool has been built. Plastic pipes deliver warm and hot water from the sources on the rocks above. One source has been blocked with a stone and concrete barrior to form a small, very hot, upper pool. The other source is a grotto extending two to three meters back into the rock.


The main pool

This is the main pool seen from the upper pool. In the background is the most recent addition, a covered changing area. As the ground is gravelly, and not friendly to bare feet, this was a welcome development.



Upper pool


The upper pool. Note the plastic pipe to deliver water to the main pool. The beer can in the pool isn't garbage, it's used to control the flow of hot water. This pool is coated with soft algae and it feels like laying in a velvet lined bathtub! It's also very hot.



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