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Photo of Sensei Sherman Harrill with John Peterson
Sensei Sherman Harrill (at right) with John
Peterson, Puyallup, WA 1999


Sensei Sherman Harrill (1941-2002) was a first-generation student of Master Tatsuo Shimabuku.

For a number of years, Hope Yama Dojo had the honour of being invited to the Washington dojo of Sensei George Shin in Puyallup to attend seminars featuring Sensei Sherman Harrill.

Hope Yama Dojo students loved and respected Sensei Harrill, and sincerely mourned his loss when he passed away on 4 November 2002. He will always be remembered.

For a brief biography of Sensei Sherman Harrill, see Harrill's School of Isshinryu Karate and click on the link "Sherman Harrill".

For tributes to Sensei Harrill, see "A. J. Advincula Says Goodby For Now"


When a loved one dies, family and friends traditionally gather to engage in rituals: visitations or viewings, funeral masses or services, eulogies, burials or interments.

These rituals are beneficial and therapeutic, for they help the mourning process and facilitate our journey to healing.

Another beneficial ritual is the preparation and realization of a memorial to that person.

Such a memorial can be of great help during our bereavement, and is also a way of honouring our loved one.

Someone once said, "We are not solitary, and the price we pay for our attachments is vulnerability - the risk of loss. Because we depend on other people - because they do matter to us - they occupy a special place in our hearts."

Hope Yama Dojo suffered a genuine loss and grieved much for Sensei when he died that autumn day. He mattered to us and he occupied a special place in our hearts.

What follows is a collection of articles and personal items of Sensei.

Placing an importance on these objects and featuring them on our website is our humble memorial to a remarkable man.

See Sensei Sherman Harrill - A Memorial (Part II).

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