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This list of website links is presented as a selection of the many Internet sites devoted to Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobudo.

The list does not seek to be comprehensive, and is deliberately kept at a minimum.

Please note that the maintainer of the website is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Isshin Ryu Karate:
    Chatham Karate Academy

    Dragon Dojo Isshin Ryu Karate Club

    Harrill's School of Isshinryu Karate

    Isshinryu Karate

    Isshinryu Karate Do - Stamford Dojo

    Isshin-ryu Northwest Okinawa Karate Association

    Koden Isshinryu Karate Kobudo Kankyu Kai Europe

    Loveday's One Heart Way Isshin Ryu Karate Do School

    Mississippi Isshin-Ryu Karate

    Northwest Isshinryu Bushidokan Dojo

    Ole Miss Karate Club

    Order of Isshin-Ryu

    Traditional Isshin-ryu Karate-do (Kodo Isshinryu Europe)


    Ocala Tesshinkan Shinbukan

    Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan


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