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Photo of Sensei Norm Losier 
Sensei Norm Losier

Norman Losier, Sensei Norm's name in kanji characters, began his journey in the world of Martial Arts at the age of 18 in his home province of Ontario, Canada.
His first contact with martial arts was Shoalin Kung Fu. Over the years, Sensei Norm has studied various styles: Isshin Ryu, Choy Lay Fut, Hindiandi Kung Fu, Iwama and Yoshinkan Budo Aikido, Modern Arnis, Combat Escrima, and Okinawan Kobudo.

However, Isshin Ryu has a special place in Sensei Norm's life, and is the style of karate he teaches at Hope Yama Dojo.

During an A.J. Advincula seminar at Northwest Isshinryu Boshidokan Dojo in Redmond, Washington in late May 2009, our Sensei Norm was graded Nana Dan - 7th Degree Black Belt.  Sensei A.J. Advincula promoted our Sensei to this new Dan rank. Well done and congratulations, Sensei Norm!


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