Photo of Sensei and student bowing

Hope Yama Dojo

Hope, British Columbia, Canada

"All things begin with one." - Tatsuo Shimabuku

Losier's Isshin Ryu Karate School patch

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Welcome to Hope Yama Dojo's online photo album, where you will find images from our extensive photo collection. Each photo page consists of a series of images, which can be viewed in thumbnail format or in full-size format by clicking each thumbnail. We have various categories from which to chose. Enjoy!

N.B.: Unless otherwise indicated, events took place in Hope, BC.


Children's Kyu, January 1995     (temporarily unavailable)

Children's Kyu, November 1999

Children's Kyu, February 2003

Children's Kyu, February 2004

Children's Kyu, December 2004

Children's Kyu, March 2005

Children and Adults' Kyu, July 2005     (temporarily unavailable)

San Dan, January 2005

Sho Dan, July 2001

Sho Dan, November 2003

Sho Dan, January 2004

Sho Dan, January 2005


Children's Christmas, December 2003

Children's Class, March 2005

Dojo Renovation, May 2003

Hope Brigade Days, September 2004

Master Shimabuku

Puyallup, WA, USA, May 2003

Sensei Norm


Advincula Seminar, Mission, BC, April 1995     (temporarily unavailable)

Advincula Seminar, Mission, BC, June 2003

Advincula Seminar for Children, November 2003

Enbukai, Oceanside, CA, USA, October 2000     (temporarily unavailable)

Puyallup, WA, USA Seminar, October 2003

Tamayose Seminar, August 2004

Tesshinkan Kobudo Seminar, Abbotsford, BC, April 2004

Tesshinkan Kobudo Seminar, Mission, BC, May 2003


Hope Yama Dojo, November 2002

Hope Yama Dojo, November 2003

Hope Yama Dojo, November 2004

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