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This site is a dedication to work begun by Opa Heldt in the 1960s. It contains genealogical    information that he originally prepared and augmented with information that I have gleaned strictly by using web resources.

Heldt%20crest.bmpStrictly speaking, both sides of the family are Baltic Germans, though the Hornungs were more recent arrivals in that area.  That family originates in the village of Muggensturm, in the District of Rastatt, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany. I have not yet discovered the German origins of the Heldts, but some of the lines are trackable.  Most notably the line that follows back to Lucas Cranach and the Lutheran Reformation.

In any of the databases if there is a source given as either Raduraksti or SAAGA, then I have a digital copy of the appropriate event.  All dates are generally the dates as given on the document and not adjusted for Julian-Gregorian calendar.  Therefore they may not line up with what some people may have.


The Various Lines and Databases of this Site

The earliest direct line Heldt that I have is Gottfried Saloman 1743 (Livland, Estonia, Russia)- 28 Nov 1813 (St. .Johannes, Riga, Latvia).  The birth information is from the death record and I have not located the original birth/baptism record.  The family tended to be traveling millers as just about every generation is born in a different locale.
There are marriages to Estonian families - Lax - through the maternal grandmother's Link family; and, Janow on the paternal side.

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The Hornungs were only Baltic Germans for two generations.  My father and his father were born in Latvia; but Great Grandfather was born in Muggensturm.  However, the Semmel line goes back several generations in Latvia.

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An interesting subset of the Heldt family, though it makes up a considerable number of family members, is that of the descendents of Lucas Cranach the Elder (known as Cranachids)

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Deriving from, and connecting into, the Cranachids, are a great many families that appear to have been instrumental in the early years of the Reformation.

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Card Family

  My wife's maternal family line has strong Mormon roots, and a lineage going back to the 1600s with Richard Card.  The database was the first database I worked on many years ago before there was anything like Ancestry or FamilySearch.  I think Rootsweb was around and the Family Tree Maker website.  I don't ever remember there being discussions about citations and sources.  The initial framework was the series of books produced by Mary Yarnell Card that I painstakinly entered into whatever database program I was using at the time (I think it may have been Family Origins).

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I had made a major connection between this database and the Heldt database.  It turns out that my 3rd cousin, H. Louise Werner, is also a 9th cousin of Jennie, my wife.

The lineages are viewable here


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