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This side of the family has several generations in the Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia.  I have not yet found their German origins.  Like may people of German ancestry in this area, they were moved by the Nazis to occupied Poland at the start of WWII and then fled from the Russians as they advanced. I found an excellent article on line that gives an in depth assessment of the effects of these two evacuations and how they have led to the destruction of the Baltic Germans as a distinct ethno-cultural group (“WALL OF BLOOD”: THE BALTIC GERMAN CASE STUDY IN NATIONAL SOCIALIST WARTIME POPULATION POLICY, 1939-1945 by Richards Olafs Plavnieks - link). 

Also, here is link to a blog by Bernard von Schulmann that discusses the dying out of the Baltic German language. I thought I spoke German, not a dialect, while growing up.  Now I know why I sometimes have difficulty speaking with "Germans", even some of my own relatives who still live in Europe.  Their way of speaking has evolved over the last 60 years, whereas mine has stood still.

As previously noted, the beginnings of this genealogical foray came from an Ahnentafel that was compiled by Opa Willibald Heldt.  I met him twice.   The first was when the family returned to Germany in 1961, for the first time since immigrating to Canada.  The second time was when he and Oma came to Canada in 1967, the year before he died.  I was more fortunate with Oma as I saw her once more when I spent 6 weeks in Europe following my high school graduation.  I stayed with her in the family apartment in Degerloch (Stuttgart) and was also able to visit my stepGrandmother 'Muschi' Hornung.

The Story of 
Jan Janow - Soldat  3rd Great Grandfather 1791-1859

Willibald Heldt
- Opa

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