Mayflower in Harbour
Kolonial Konnections

Last Updated on: March 10, 2015

In my own family records, the event of note was the Reformation.  In my wife's records the event is the founding of the Americas and the principal event that American's aim for is the MayflowerThis goal has been met in numerous ways with her extensive American relations.

The first database to go here is her Ancestors with all her ascendent lines. This will provide the framework and context for the addition of direct lines from her grandparents, at generally the 8th Great-Grandparent levelThe entire database contains in excess of 32,000 individuals; and, I continue to add more and more.

My wife's maternal family line with strong Mormon roots, and a lineage going back to the 1600s with Richard Card.  The database was the first database I worked on many years ago before there was anything like Ancestry or FamilySearch.  I think Rootsweb was around and the Family Tree Maker website.  I don't ever remember there being discussions about citations and sources.  The initial framework was the series of books produced by Mary Yarnell Card that I painstakingly entered into whatever database program I was using at the time (I think it may have been Family Origins).

Card-Marteniuk Data direct ancestry line up to 15th generation (in some cases).
Last Updated on: March 10, 2015

Richard Card -   The base of this data is published in a series of books entitled Descendents of Richard Card and His Wife Rebecca of Rhode Island compiled by Mary Card Yarnell. I entered the information from Volume II, Books I and II Descendents ofJames Card and His Two Wives. As of October 3, 1999 I have also added the contents of Volume I, Descendents of Joseph Card and his Wife Jane of Newport, Rhode Island. After surfing the net for the past year or two, I have added hundreds of people to this database from the original 9000. The entire database holds over 35,000 individuals. Where possible I have updated the original information where one or more sources confirm the information. Where there was a conflict with the original data I left it. I will attempt to make internal links in the data that points to other significant collections of co-lateral family lines on the Net. ...Last Updated on: March 10, 2015  11,000+ individuals

    Please note that the contents are not the result of my original research, but rather a compilation of information from various sources and other researchers. This is meant to be a central database and not intended to be a primary source.

The majority of the ships arriving in the New World, prior to the Mayflower, went to Virginia and Jamestown.  There is at least one line that comes from that area but needs some more research to clarify. For now, this will be a list of ships to Plymouth and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  The source of the ships list is Pilgrim Ship Lists Early 1600's,

Mayflower   September 6, 1620 from Plymouth, England      arrived November 11, 1620 at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Fortune          1621                         from London, England            arrived November 11, 1620 at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Anne             1623                         from London, England         arrived June or July, 1623   Plymouth, Massachusetts

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