Reformation Connections

As referred to in the blog, I have discovered many family connections to major players and supporters in the early days of the Reformation.  The following is a partial list (perhaps others to be discovered) detailing those connections and their relationship to me and to each other.

Luther.jpg Martin Luther (1383-1546)

The primary instigator of the Reformation movement. More information

Although he and his wife, Katharina von Bora, had five children there are no living descendents.  There is a surviving line descending from a brother.  Therefore, my connection with him is pretty indirect.  FTM details it as "2nd great grandfather of husband of 3rd cousin 10x removed". Martin's son Paul, had a son Johann Ernst, whose son Johann Martin was married to Christine Elisabeth Leyser. Their son Friedrich Martin is the end of the line.  Christine Elisabeth Leyser is the daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Leyser, son of Polycarp II Leyser, son of Polycarpus Leyser, husband of Elisabeth Cranach, daughter of Lucas Cranach the Younger.

Melanchthon,%20Philipp%20by%20Cranach.jpg Philipp Melancthon (1497- 1560)

Generally regarded as Luther's principle assistant and disciple. More

FTM describes his relationship to me as "Husband of sister-in-law of 13th great grandfather".
His wife was Katharina Krapp, daughter of Han Krapp.  Her sister Anna, was married to Augustin Schurff, my 13 great grandfather.
CRANAC_1.jpg Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553)

Painter and Engraver in Wittenberg. Cranach was present as a witness at the betrothal festival of Luther and Katharina von Bora. He was also godfather to their first child, Johannes "Hans" Luther, born 1526. 

He is my direct 13 Great Grandfather through my mother's paternal family line.

Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515-1586)

He was a promininent painter and portraitist of the Renaissance and would have grown up surrounded by the fervour of the Reformation.  The German Wikipedia has better information than the English.

As the son of Lucas the Elder, he is my 12th Great Grandfather through his son Augustin.
August Schurff Augustin Schurff (1495-1548)

Professor and Doctor of Medicine in Wittenberg and attended upon Luther and family, as well as the Melancthons and Cranachs.  more info (German)

His daughter Magdalena, was the 2nd wife of Lucas Cranach the Younger and mother to Augustin.  Accordingly, he is also a 13th Great Grandfather.
Leyser,%20Polycarpus%20sr.jpg Polycarpus Leyser  (1552-1610)

Lutheran theologian, superintendent of Braunschweig, superintendent-general of the Saxon church-circle, professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg and chief court-preacher and consistorial-councillor of Saxony.  more

Married to Elisabeth Cranach, daughter of  Lucas Cranach the Younger.  Their great granddaughter, Christine Elisabeth, was married to Luther's great grandson (see above)
Therefore his relationship is husband of 11 great grandaunt.
Mathesius,%20Johannes.jpg Johannes Mathesius (1504-1565)

German minister and a Lutheran reformer. He is best known for his compilation of Martin Luther's Table Talk, or notes taken of Luther's conversation and published afterwards. He rivaled Anton Lauterbach in his diligence in notetaking, and surpassed him in the discrimination with which he arranged it.  more

His brother, Wolfgang, is my 11th great grandfather.

Br%C3%BCck,%20Gregor_%201557.jpg Gregor Bruck (1484-1557)

Chancellor to Elector John of Saxony, was very central to many of the important events of the early Reformation, including the reading the Latin version of the Augsberg Confession at the Diet of Augsburg on June 25, 1530.

His son Christian Bruck married Barbara Cranach, daughter of Lucas the Elder;  while his daughter Barbara married Lucas Cranach the Younger (first marriage) making him the father-in-law of my 12th great grandfather.

Through the line of Christian and Barbara is the connection to Wolfgang von Goethe.
Peucer,%20Caspar%202.jpg Caspar Peucer  (1525-1602)

German reformer, physician, and scholar   more

In 1543, he became a lodger in the house of one of the most famous professors in Wittenberg, the theologian and humanist Philipp Melanchthon, whose daughter Magdalena he married in 1550. He is therefore the husband of niece of wife of 13th great grandfather,  Hans Krapp.
Gedenktafel_Markt_6_(Wittenberg)_Samuel_Selfisch.jpg Samuel Selfisch (1545-1619)

German publisher and bookseller, and an important mayor of Wittenberg, which at the time of the Reformation was an important centre of printing. His extensive publishing house produced mainly theological writings, among other things 17 editions of the Bible and 49 works of Luther.    more

His daughter, Maria Samuela, was married to Augustin Cranach, son of Lucas the Younger, making him also my 12th Great grandfather.