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Lutherrose.pngThe Reformers

I have discovered many family connections to major players and supporters in the early days of the Reformation.  The following is a partial list (perhaps others to be discovered) detailing those connections and their relationship to me and to each other.  Where there is no descrition, the link takes you to information later in the page.  Where there is a description, the link will take you to either the German or English Wikipedia site.

Albinus, Petrus  (husband of 11th Great Grandaunt)
(German name: Peter von Weiße; 1543–1598) was a professor at Wittenberg in Germany and is known as the father of Saxon historiography.
Bruck, Christian II  (husband of 12th Great Grandaunt)
Bruck, Gregor  (12th great-grandfather's wife's stepfather
Calov, Abraham  (husband of 2nd cousin 11 times removed) (
16 April 1612 – 25 February 1686) was a Lutheran theologian, and was one of the champions of Lutheran orthodoxy in the 17th                     century.  He produced a popular commentary on Martin Luther's translation of the Bible, "die deutsche Bibel," today known as the Calov Bible.
Carpzov, August  (half 1st cousin 12 times removed) (Born June 4, 1612 in Colditz; November 19, 1683 in Coburg) was a German jurist and statesman, who rendered particularly to the state of                 Saxony-Coburg.
Carpzov, Benedikt the Elder  (husband of half 11th Great Grandaunt) (Born October 22, 1565 in Brandenburg an der Havel, † November 26, 1624 in Wittenberg) was a German professor of law.
Carpzov, Benedikt the Younger  (3rd cousin 11 times removed) (born May 27, 1595 Wittenberg August 30, 1666 in Leipzig) was a German criminal law theorist. He is considered one of the founders     of German jurisprudence. His pseudonym was Ludovicus de Montesperato.
Carpzov, Johann Benedikt I  (half 1st cousin 12 times removed) (* June 22, 1607 in Rochlitz, † October 22, 1657 in Leipzig) was a German Lutheran theologian.
Carpzov, Johann Benedikt II  (half 2nd cousin 12 times removed) (1639–1699) was a German Christian theologian and Hebraist. He was a member of the scholarly Carpzov family.
Carpzov, Konrad  (3rd cousin 11 times removed) (Born July 11, 1593 in Wittenberg, † 12 February 1658 in Halle (Saale)) was a German jurist and statesman.
Carpzov, Samuel Bendikt  Half 2nd cousin 11 times removed (Born January 17, 1647 in Leipzig, † August 31, 1707 in Dresden) was a German Lutheran theologian and poet.
Cranach, Lucas the Elder  (13th Great Grandfather)
Cranach, Lucas the Younger  (12th Great Grandfather)
Leyser, Augustin Reichsfreiherr  (3rd cousin 9 times removed)
(* October 18, 1683 in Wittenberg, † May 4, 1752) was an important jurist of the usus modernus and Owner of the Manor at Castle             Nudersdorf.
Leyser, Polycarpus the Elder  (husband of 11 Great Grandaunt)
(18 March 1552 - 22 February 1610) was a Lutheran theologian, superintendent of Braunschweig, superintendent-general of the Saxon         church-circle, professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg and chief court-preacher and consistorial-councillor of Saxony.  He married Elisabeth, the daughter of Lucas Cranach the Younger, and their         children included Polykarp Leyser II (1586–1633), another theologian. This made him the founder of a dynasty of theologians
Polykarp Leyser II  1st cousin 12 times removed (20 November 1586, Wittenberg - 15 January 1633, Leipzig) was a German Lutheran theologian and superintendent in Leipzig. His father Polykarp             Leyser the Elder, his grandson Polykarp Leyser III and his great-grandson Polykarp Leyser IV were all also theologians. His mother was Elisabeth, daughter of the painter Lucas Cranach the Younger.
Leyser, Polycarpus III  (3rd cousin 10 times removed)  (1 July 1656, Halle - 11 October 1725, Celle) was a German Lutheran theologian, superintendent, chaplain (Oberhofprediger) and orientalist
Polykarp Leyser IV 4th cousin 9 times removed (4 September 1690, Wunstorf - 7 April 1728, Helmstedt) was a German Lutheran theologian, philosopher, physician, lawyer and historian.
Leyser, Wilhelm I  (1st cousin 12 times removed) (born October 26, 1592 in Braunschweig, † February 8, 1649 in Wittenberg) was a German Lutheran theologian.
Leyser, Wilhelm II (2nd cousin 11 times removed) (* August 24, 1628 in Wittenberg, † May 2, 1689) was a German jurist and legal scholar.
Luther, Paul (Prof.Dr.Med.) (2nd cousin 11 times removed's husband's grandfather)
    (28 January 1533 – 8 March 1593) was a German physician, medical chemist and alchemist.[1] He was the third son of the Protestant reformer Martin Luther and was successively physician to John Frederick II,     Duke of Saxony; Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg; Augustus, Elector of Saxony and his successor Christian I. He taught alchemy to Anne of Denmark.
Luther, Johann Martin II (Husband of 3rd cousin 10 times removed)
(Born July 27, 1663 in Hohburg, † November 9, 1756 in Zeitz) was a German theologian . He was the great-grandson of the                 reformer Martin Luther. His wife was Christina Elisabeth Leyser, granddaughter of Polycarp Leyser II.
Luther, Martin  
Lysthenius, Georg  (1st cousin 12 times removed's wife's father)
(Latinized from George List, * July 29, 1532 in Naumburg, † 27 February 1596 in Dresden) was a Lutheran theologian.
Matthesius, Johann  (11th Great Granduncle)
Melancthon, Philipp  (13th great-grandfather's wife's stepsister's husband)
Osiander, Lucas  (11th great-grandaunt's husband's mother's husband)
(December 16, 1534 Nuremberg, † September 17, 1604 in Stuttgart) was a German pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church         in Württemberg. He was the son of the reformer Andreas Osiander. He is 2nd husband to Margarethe Entringer, whose first husband was Kaspar Leyser.  Their son is Polycarp Leyser the Elder.
Peucer, Caspar  (13th great-grandfather's wife's step niece's husband) (January 6, 1525 – September 25, 1602) a German reformer, physician, and scholar of Sorbian origin. His wife is Magdalena             Melancthon, daughter of Philipp and Katharina Krapp.
Schurff, Augustin  (13th Great Grandfather)
Selfisch, Samuel  (12th Great Grandfather)
Strauch, Aegidius I  (Husband of 10th Great-Grand Aunt)
(Born June 22, 1583 in Wittenberg, † January 22, 1657 in Dresden) was a German Lutheran theologian. His wife was Euphrosina Cranach,             daughter of Augustin Cranach, son of Lucas the Younger
Walther, Augustin Friedrich (Born October 26, 1688 in Wittenberg, † 12 October 1746 in Leipzig) was a German physician, anatomist and botanist. His formal botanical author abbreviation is "A.Walther". He     is a Great-Grandson of Abraham Calov.


Martin Luther (1383-1546)

The primary instigator of the Reformation movement. More information

Although he and his wife, Katharina von Bora, had five children there are no living descendents.  There is a surviving line descending from a brother.  Therefore, my connection with him is pretty indirect.  FTM details it as "2nd greatBora,%20Katharina%20von.jpg grandfather of husband of 3rd cousin 10x removed". Martin's son Paul, had a son Johann Ernst, whose son Johann Martin was married to Regina Leyser, daughter of Wilhelm Leyser I . Their son Friedrich Martin is the end of the line.  with his 2nd wife, Margarete Hulsemann, he fathered Johann Martin Luther  II who married Christine Elisabeth Leyser, daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Leyser, son of Polycarp II Leyser, son of Polycarpus Leyser, husband of Elisabeth Cranach, daughter of Lucas Cranach the Younger.


Philipp Melancthon (1497- 1560)

Generally regarded as Luther's principle assistant and disciple. More

FTM describes his relationship to me as "Husband of sister-in-law of 13th great grandfather".
His wife was Katharina Krapp, daughter of Han Krapp.  Her sister Anna, was married to Augustin Schurff, my 13 great grandfather.

Lucas Cranach the Elder (Lucas Cranach der Ältere, 4 October 1472 – 16 October 1553), was a German Renaissance painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving. He was court painter to the Electors of Saxony for most of his career, and is known for his portraits, both of German princes and those of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation, whose cause he embraced with enthusiasm, becoming a close friend of Martin Luther. He also painted religious subjects, first in the Catholic tradition, and later trying to find new ways of conveying Lutheran religious concerns in art. He continued throughout his career to paint nude subjects drawn from mythology and religion. He had a large workshop and many works exist in different versions; his son Lucas Cranach the Younger, and others, continued to create versions of his father's works for decades after his death. (- source Wikipedia)

He is my 13th Great Grandfather.

Lucas Cranach the Younger  (October 4, 1515 – January 25, 1586)  He was the youngest son of Lucas Cranach the Elder and Barbara Brengebier, and began his career as an apprentice in his father's workshop alongside his brother Hans. Henceforth, his own reputation and fame grew. After his father's death, he assumed control over the workshop.

Augustin Schurff (1495-1548) - Professor and Doctor of Medicine in Wittenberg and attended upon Luther and family, as well as the Melancthons and Cranachs.  more info (German).  His daughter Magdalena, was the 2nd wife of Lucas Cranach the Younger and mother to Augustin.  Accordingly, he is also a 13th Great Grandfather.

Samuel Selfisch
(1545-1619) - German publisher and bookseller, and an important mayor of Wittenberg, which at the time of the Reformation was an important centre of printing. His extensive publishing house produced mainly theological writings, among other things 17 editions of the Bible and 49 works of Luther.    more   His daughter, Maria Samuela, was married to Augustin Cranach, son of Lucas the Younger, making him also my 12th Great grandfather.

Caspar Cruciger the Elder

(also: Kreutzer, Crutziger o. ä.; * 1. Januar 1504 in Leipzig; † 16. November 1548 in Wittenberg) was a German evangelist  Theologin and Reformer. He is reported to have assisted in the German translation of the Bible.Cruciger,%20Caspar_.jpeg
 2nd cousin 11 times removed's husband's granduncle's wife's father

Elisabethe Cruciger (1504 - 1535)

née von Meseritz, was the daughter of a family belonging to the Polish nobility. Her parents, suffering from the persecutions of these times, had been forced to seek refuge at Wittenberg There, in May or June, 1524, she was married to Caspar Cruciger, son of a Leipzig burgess, who had enrolled himself as a student at Wittenberg in 1522. Cruciger, who was treated by Luther as his own son and accounted his most hopeful pupil, became in 1525 Rector of StCruciger,%20Elizabeth.jpg. John's School and preacher in St. Stephen's Church, Magdeburg; and in 1528 was called to become professor in the philosophical faculty at Wittenberg, but, by Luther's wish, was appointed one of the professors of Theology. Of his wife, who died at Wittenberg, May, 1535, little is known save that she was a friend of Luther's wife, a lover of music, and an affectionate wife and mother (Koch, i. 281-285; Caspar Cruciger, by Dr. Pressel, Elberfeld,1862, p. 76; Allg. Deutsche Biographie, xviii. 148, &c). The only hymn known as by her is:—
Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn. Christmas, first published in Eyn Enchiridion, Erfurt, 1524. In the Geistliche Lieder, Wittenberg, 1531, it is given as "Ein geistlich liedt von Christo, Elisabet Creutzigerin," and from the Rostock Gesang-Buch, 1531, it seems clear that in King's Gesang-Buch, Wittenberg, 1529, it bore the same title. Wackernagel , iii. pp. 46-47, gives four forms, all in 5 stanzas of 7 lines. In the Unverfälschter Liedersegen, 1851, No. 37.
Daughter Elisabeth married Luther's son Johannes.  So she is my 2nd cousin 11 times removed's husband's granduncle's wife's mother.


Johannes Mathesius

German minister and a Lutheran reformer. He is best known for his compilation of Martin Luther's Table Talk, or notes taken of Luther's conversation and published afterwards. He rivaled Anton Lauterbach in his diligence in notetaking, and surpassed him in the discrimination with which he arranged it.  more

His brother, Wolfgang, is my 11th great grandfather.

Gregor Bruck (1484-1557)

Chancellor to Elector John of Saxony, was very central to many of the important events of the early Reformation, including the reading the Latin version of the Augsberg Confession at the Diet of Augsburg on June 25, 1530.

His son Christian Bruck married Barbara Cranach, daughter of Lucas the Elder.  He was executed 18 Apr 1567 for his beliefs, thus becoming the first Lutheran martyr.Bruck,%20Christian.jpg
Through the line of Christian and Barbara is the connection to Wolfgang von Goethe.

His daughter Barbara married Lucas Cranach the Younger (first marriage) making him the father-in-law of my 12th great grandfather.