Located directly west of the city of Rastatt, Muggensturm is known as an industrial town. The population is a little more than 6,000 inhabitants and the town covers 11.55 square kilometers.

A Celtic arm ring and three Roman bronze brooches, now located in the Baden State Museum in Karlsruhe, are evidence of settlements in the area during Roman times.
The first documented reference to Muggensturm is found in the year 1193. The present day spelling was registered by 1296. It is possible that Muggensturm was an extension of the town of Oetigheim, and an old Eberstein possession that was enlarged by the relocation of Eichelbach.
St. Margaret's Chapel, today the Muggensturm Cemetery Chapel, was the local church for the abandoned village of Eichelbach, which has completely vanished today. Muggensturm was the possession of the Counts of Eberstein and the Herrenalb Cloister. These holdings were later transferred and Heinrich von Eberstein ordered the removal of the inhabitants of Eichelbach to Muggensturm in 1298.
After 1353, Muggensturm is mentioned several times as a city. A previous fortress had fallen to ruin by the 15th century. In the 16th century there was no longer a city wall.
In the past years, Muggensturm has increased its amount of industry, trade and business thanks to the vigorous promotion by the city administrators. As a results, a substantial number of work places have been developed. A few years back a recreational park was built at the edge of the city, with a tennis hall, wildlife enclosure and fitness trails. The locality's image has significantly improved in the last decade. This has been made clear through the success in town beautification during that time.

Emigrant Surnames:
Adam, Baumann, Baumstark, Bechler, Berlinghoff, Dahringer, Dimmler, Fütterer, Götzmann, Großmann, Heck, Hornung, Huber, Jocher, Kappler, Kastner, Kleehammer, Knapp, Knobloch, König, Kraft, Kraus, Mack, Meder, Melcher, Raub, Schick, Schnepf, Späth, Stoll, Unser, Weßbecher, Westermann, Zittel

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