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The Vanishing Record


140 pg., January 2016 


A report to the B.C. Legislative Committee reviewing the

B.C. Freedom of Information and

Protection of Privacy Act


BC FOI law reform – Where are we now?


Speech to FIPA Summit, Sept. 27, 2018


Backgrounder to 2018 speech


Oral submission to B.C. legislative review committee, Nov. 9, 2015 


Reports of Nov. 9 submission by media








Excel spreadsheet file, 3.5 MB, September 2008


User’s Guide to the Chart


Index of world FOI rulings, for legal guidance 


Speech on The Public’s Right to Know, 2012

Audio   /   Text 







Fallen Behind: Canada’s Access to

Information Act in the World Context


September 2008, PDF, 392 pages. 2.35 MB


Executive summary, 4 pages:  English  /  Francais


Reviews of the report


Governmental Secrecy in Canada, March 2010 – PDF


Author’s testimony to Commons committee on ATIA reform, 2009  /  Report


Speeches on ATIA reform, and Environmental FOI, Right to Know Week, Ottawa, 2009


News stories produced by ATI Act requests







Speech to Vancouver Police Board, July 20, 2011


BC Ferries’ FOI Policy Undermines Transparency


Replying to Readers, on BC Ferries’ FOI Policy


Best British Columbia FOI news stories – Link 1 , Link 2


Resolution of B.C. FOI – “Crown Copyright” issue


Rulings on B.C. FOI requests filed by the author


My articles on B.C. FOI problems







The Hallmarks of Fairness:
Improving Alberta’s Freedom of Information

and Protection of Privacy Act


Report, 80 pages, June 2010

With 79 recommendations for reform


Alberta news stories made possible by FOIP Act requests  /  Editorial


Author’s speech to Alberta Legislative committee, Sept. 2, 2010





LINKS to FIPA and other freedom of information resources


Links to U.S. President Barack Obama’s orders on FOIJanuary 21, 2009


FOI tips for Canadian student journalists


Journalism Review Index


A note on the Author


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