Many of the post war PBY Canso / Catalina aircraft were modified with covered front turrets. These conversions are designed to reproduce two styles of the replaced nose. The parts are a solid casting that is sanded down to match a scribed line on the kit. Wheel well detail will require some dremel work to match the kit.

Conversion 4801 is an early post war design that just faired over the turret. Several 5A and 6A models had this style of nose. MSRP $12USD

Conversion 4802 covers the majority of modified PBY's used for military and civilian work. MSRP $12USD

This style is also available in 1/72nd scale as 7201. MSRP $8USD

Each of these conversions can be purchased through Mike Grant Decals.
If you wish to purchase direct, please contact S.C.R.P. for shipping details.

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