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The not exclusively Victoria-based Dallas Road Social Club (the “Club”) was established in 2007 by a few expatriated Manitobans, Saskatchewanians, Ontarians and a native Scot with a Prairie connection. In late October 2017, there were 28 members on the Club’s roster. Sanctioned events include luncheons at a neighbourhood public house preceded by seaside rambles for those who also elect to walk.


Goals of the Dallas Road Social Club


The Club’s purposes include the promotion of fellowship, wellness, perspicacity and good character. Those who entertain the advice on politics, finance, technology and other subjects freely but not necessarily wisely proffered during Club events may additionally view, and solely at their risk, these interactions as helpful in meeting other personal goals.




The current officers of the Club are:

·                 Chairperson: Gord MacLean.

·                 Consigliore: George Ford.

·                 President and Chief Operating Officer: Ed Wojczynski.

·                 Senior vice president, economic and fiscal policy: Michael Butler.

·                 Vice president, development and membership: Martyn Glassman.

·                 Vice president, programs and operations: Gordon Robinson.

·                 Vice president, walkers’ compensation: C. Alfred Black.

·                 Secretary, ad int.: Julian Isitt.


A former officer of the Club is:


·                 Chairperson-for-life: Charles Kang.

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The Club is a progressive meritocracy governed by such rules, protocols and operating procedures, as from time to time, may be promulgated and shared by the Club Secretary.


Useful Web Links and Other References for Club Members:


·                 The Club’s technology standards that, like its members, are increasingly dated.

·                 Information concerning a proposal to establish a Cycling Division of the Club.

·                 Breaking news about significant events in the lives of members, friends and associates of the Club.

·                 Dr. Benjamin Isitt, noted Canadian labour historian, prominent elected official, employment law authority and internationally published author.

·                 Links to the websites of friends of the Club and other walking and rambling groups.

·                 On what was long-known as Environment Canada’s weather website, current conditions and forecast for Victoria Harbour.

·                 Subject to the Club’s general disclaimer below, and courtesy of the publisher of the MSN Money website, the future price of shares in Westport Fuel Systems Inc. has often been discussed by Club members. In early as the autumn of 2013, one member asserted the equity (when shares traded in the name of Westport Innovations Inc.) was worthy of a “buy” rating.

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Description generated with very high confidence

·                 On an arguably less fractious note, a chart of the fuel consumed by the Club secretary’s rented 2008 Opel Corsa CTDi five-door hatchback sedan while driving in Provence in May and June of 2008. This comfortable and extraordinarily economical vehicle was made in Spain and sold throughout the world but unfortunately not in North America. It is similar to the slightly larger Belgian-made Opel Astra once sold in Canada as the Saturn Astra but sadly without the diesel engine options offered elsewhere in the world.




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