Canada and British Columbia Links

Canada - Facts and Stories

A. 3 Canada Quizes

B. Canadian Provinces
Canadian Provinces 2

C. Capital Cities of Canadian Provinces
Capitals 2

D. Canadian Money
Canadian Money 2

E. Canada Facts

F. Brief History of Vancouver (difficult!)

G. Ottawa, Canada

H. More About Canadian Coins

I. Compare Canada with other countries

The quizzes don't work for the next four sites. Click on Words, Sentences and Paragraphs to read.
J. Canada's Major Trading Partners

K. Dr. Norman Bethune

L. Famous Canadian Food Products

M. Introduction to Canadian Government

Canadian Citizenship Test - Practice Activities

A. Symbols of Canada 1

B. Symbols of Canada 2

C. Canadian Regions

D. Canadian Geography

E. Canadian Government

F. Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

G. Canadian Economy

H. Citizen's Rights

I. Citizen's Responsibilities

Read about Canada!

A. Terry Fox

B. Loonie

C. Ottawa

D. Ice Hockey

E. Eatons

F. Generation X

G. CN Tower

H. Maple Syrup

I. The Badlands

J. 24 Sussex Drive

Here are some links for those of you interested in finding out more information about Canada and British Columbia.

This is from the government of Canada: A Newcomer's Introduction to Canada

There is also a British Columbia Newcomers' Guide to Resources and Services

Here is more from the Canadian government site:
You can get a lot of information here, but it might be a bit difficult to read...
Government of Canada Site

Here is a page with lots of links with information about Canadian society, government, land and economy. About Canada

Here's a link to the Government of British Columbia site.
British Columbia

Do you know who represents you in the BC government?
You can find out who your MLA is by going to this site.
It's very easy to use! You just need to know your postal code.
By the way, do you know what MLA means?
Maybe you know that MP means member of parliament - the federal government.
Well, an MLA is a member of the legislative assembly - the provincial government.

Go to this site to find out about the municipal government of Vancouver.
City of Vancouver

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