Merry Christmas!

Very easy Christmas picture story:

Teachers - classroom lesson - pdf of images for teaching vocab

Teachers - classroom lesson - pdf of vocabulary match

Teachers - classroom lesson - pdf of picture story

Teachers - classroom lesson - pdf of sentence match (11 sentences)

Teachers - classroom lesson - pdf of cloze lesson

Teacher's Note: The following pdf lessons are for the above youtube lesson. It's the same as the classroom story but sentence 10 has been divided.
Teachers - youtube lesson - pdf of listen and order (12 sentences)

Teachers - youtube lesson - pdf of cloze lesson for youtube (12 sentences)

Learn to make Christmas sugar cookies:

Teachers - pdf of vocabulary

Teachers - pdf of lesson

More very easy videos - for literacy and level 1

Here are some Christmas quizzes, songs, stories and other holiday links:

1. A special Christmas present - reading exercise

2. Christmas Songs

3. ESL Christmas Lesson

4. Symbols, Customs and Traditions of Christmas and Quiz.

5. Christmas Reading and Listening

6. Save money on holiday gifts

7. Make a simple gift

8. Santa's Village

9. Christmas Traditions - listen and match

10. Christmas in Canada

11. Fred's Gifts

12. Anja's Gifts (Switzerland)

13. Christmas Trees in Switzerland

14. Santa Claus in Canada

15. Santa Claus in Switzerland

16. Christmas Song - All I want for Christmas is you!

17. Sharron's Thoughts on Christmas

18. PDF lesson for Sharron's Thoughts on Christmas

19. Darren's Thoughts on Christmas

20. PDF Lesson for Darren's Thought on Christmas

21. When do people give gifts in your country?

22. Is Santa Claus popular in your country?

23. Christmas in Indonesia

24. Christmas is Coming! - Listening

25. The Christmas Gift - Listening (difficult)

26. Santa Claus - listen

27. PDF for Santa Claus listening (reading and questions)

28. Christmas Crossword Puzzle - easy

29. Christmas Dinner Crossword Puzzle

30. Christmas Word Find

31. Christmas Discussion Questions

32. Fun Christmas Games

33. Christmas Quiz

34. Christmas Jokes and Riddles

35. Christmas Puzzles to print out and enjoy

36. Christmas Vocabulary and Quiz (Print it out and show it to your teacher.)

37. Christmas Break - Wh- Questions

38. Christmas Word Puzzle

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