What Northern Sculpture Does

Northern Sculptures Approach to Geometric Art

The evolution of an idea that is rich in tradition. Sculptures that express feeling, imagination and structure. To intelligently seek out the fundamental principles of art, offering objective portrayals of sculpture. An evolution of a concept and the synthesis of various art styles that resist the safety of convention.

It starts with the study of geometrical elements, an examination into basic modern geometry and how these shapes can be transposed into the materials that are used. This leads to a collection of shapes called artistic elements.

A work of art is not produced solely by putting together parts of nature, but also by following the laws of nature. The creation of a sculpture does not unfold in a random fashion but represents a free play of forms used within a set of rules. These rules are not determined by the artist at will, but are derived from the composition of the elements. The corresponding fit and balance of each shape reveals its placement and combines to form the sculpture.

The Traditional Maquette designs come from examining each part of an Inuit Inukshuk that was historically used for a purpose. Each element is then created and assembled in a way that respects the spirit of the traditional design from a new perspective.

Some of the Modern Maquette's and the Geometric Sculptures are inspired and contain elements of the 20th century art movements of Modernism and Futurism. Inspiration from the basic principles of using the experience of past works, then through a forward looking process, applying an element by element reconsideration into a new form, while maintaining a respect for the traditional foundations from which it came. The end result is a sculpture that is unique but still has a recognizable form.