Artist Statement

I have always had an artistic curiosity for all forms of sculpture. The beauty and amazment of the finished work. A fascination of the processes used to build it. How it can stand to be judged on its own. With sculpture there is no background noise. After working for over two decades as an aircraft designer, I have chosen to explore and share my artistic side. It is the integration of creativity with my design experience.

This involves designing and fabricating stone sculptures, a concept that I started exploring over ten years ago. Part of it is inspired by Inuit sculpture, where concepts that are over 1000 years old are assembled into representations of traditional works, as well, other pieces of work are modernized through the use of geometric elements. The world of art and imagination is open to anyone who is inspired to explore the possibilities of various genres exclusively or to blend styles and redefine unexplored boundaries. The result is an original interpretation of what an contemporary sculpture is.

With these concepts I have created a diverse collection of one of a kind sculptures that are part of the evolution of the mosaic of cultures that make up our country. The designs made from ancient materials can appeal to a broad range of people with many different tastes. Each sculpture is custom made and is as unique as the stones that are used to build them; some are given names that respect the spirit of their cultural significance.

As I have learned, being an artist is not all about the creation of an idea it is also about how to bring a creative idea to life by solving the problems and overcoming the challenges that come with it.