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One decade ago, we began the process of bringing our small farm back into production.

Our priority is to grow and raise healthy, ethically raised food and livestock using traditional methods fused with modern technology. We have borrowed from our family knowledge, organic standards, and permaculture ideas, and will be innovating and improving our processes for many years to come.

The year we began, we bought some high-quality Icelandic lambs, hired a tractor to cultivate some of the fields, and moved some chickens in. Then we rolled up our sleeves and began clearing the grazing fields, fixing animal pens, and standing up the fences. It took four years.

With greenhouses now producing seasonal organic vegetables, a beautiful flock of purebred registered Icelandic sheep, rotating poultry products, and a farm-gate stand, we are heading into our tenth year organized and running smoothly!

Why did we choose Icelandic sheep?

We are often asked this question! Here's why Icelandics are great for small farms like ours:

Icelandics are a beautiful, hardy heritage breed. They come in many pretty colours and patterns.

Icelandics are born with short tails! = No tail docking.

They're seasonal breeders, so no castrating is necessary.

Icelandics are medium-sized and wonderful mothers, which makes them easy to handle and light on the land.

We love the beautiful horns, which also help them tolerate heat.

Our Farm Products

Newborn Twins

Purebred Registered Icelandic

Breeding Stock

We have purebred registered Icelandic breeding stock available for sale year-round. Our lambs are born in April each year, and breeding stock is reserved starting in May. Lambs generally leave for their new farms between July and September. If you are interested in breeding stock, contact us today!

Farm Stand in August

Organic Vegetables

Available in our farm stand June - October

Our delicious organic vegetables are grown in our own homemade compost without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides. We use traditional growing methods and modern coldframes, and the result is delicious and nutritious!

Chickens in the fields

Field Raised Chicken

Government Inspected Processing

We occasionally raise field-raised broiler chickens. They are processed at our local government-inspected poultry processor. We strongly believe in the ethical treatment of animals, and this traditional method of raising them is healthier and happier.

Black Grey Icelandic Ewe

Icelandic Wool

Raw Fleeces and Processed Fibre

We have many beautiful raw fall fleeces for sale in September each year, and some nice spring fleeces available in March.

We also have Icelandic Lopi yarn in browns, greys, black, and white. We also have some carded wool and roving in grey and black. Please contact us for availability.

Silverwood Farm Stand

Free Range Eggs

Available in the Farm Stand

Our heritage breed hens scratch outside from dawn until dusk, and eat a non-GMO feed along with any leftover organic vegetables from the garden and kitchen scraps.

Two of our hens and one rooster placed first at the Saanich Fair in 2018.

Young turkey strutting his stuff

Turkey and Lamb

Call for availability

We occasionally have lamb and turkey available for sale. We raise them the way they should be - out in the fields and well cared for. Please call us for availability.


Silverwood Farm
Saanichton, BC Canada