"A voice like warm cocoa on a winter's night."

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Touring with
Oregon Jazz Hall Of Fame trio 'Tall Jazz'


Barbara with the outstanding Trio 'JAZZAFFAIR'

Touring the Northwest, including BC, Alberta, and Northwest Territories











.Palm Court Orchestra w"Embraceable You" tour.
Charles Job conducting


Vocal clinic participants remarks:

"Positive, empowering workshop.
Very well communicated info;
a master teacher who shares
her obvious expertise so well"...JJ

"I am so alive with joy and
music and the wonderful
energy you shared with all
of us today! thank you for
doing what you do!!
it is an incredible gift that
you have"...Lisa


Equally at home performing on the Concert stage or
outdoor festival bandstand, Barbara and her stellar
musicians have garnered fans of all ages.

The very best musicians join vocalist Barbara Blair to
reintroduce audiences to the bright, witty, sophisticated
songs of the great American songwriters.

Barbara's concerts of Gershwin, Porter and
Rogers & Hart have brought popularity and
critical acclaim as one of the Northwest's best vocalists.