Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Installation Message from MIC Laronde

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making this a very special day.  I am honoured to be your Grand Master.  To all Companions, and especially those who have been in these shoes before me, the Officers and I pledge to do our best to continue the tradition of service to Cryptic Rite.  We know that we can rely on your help, counsel and support and that you will be there for us as you have been in the past. 

          I, like many of you, love Royal Arch, Cryptic Rite and Preceptory.  We in York Rite are all dependent on each other.  We need to support each other in order to survive and prosper.  This is not new, not rocket science, but reality.  My theme this year is “Support York Rite”.

          We all take Masonry seriously but our Immediate Past Grand Master (IPGM) David Grange was so right when he stated “we need to have fun doing it”.  Practicing our Craft, having fun, and supporting each other as a Fraternity can only strengthen our beloved organization.

          I challenge all of the Officers and especially our Grand Inspector Generals (GIG) to strive towards these goals in this coming year.  I look forward to meeting you all on my visits and sharing my thoughts with you.

          Communications, Convocations and Assemblies provide all of us a chance to rejuvenate and re-energize.  It provides opportunity to discuss necessary business, plan, and make our organization stronger.  The friendships we develop, the people we meet are all treasures we will hold in our hearts.  If we are to succeed in the future we need to have our Companions come and join us in our yearly Assemblies.  To my Officers, I challenge you all to promote and encourage our Companions and their Ladies to come to Manitoba April 26+27, 2017 in Winnipeg for our next Assembly.  Plans are made…you will have a great time… and bring your ladies because Brenda has a Ladies Program waiting for you.

Make it a vacation; you won’t be disappointed.

          I know I will miss some but please accept my sincere gratitude for all those that made the Chilliwack Assembly one that I will never forget.  To MIC Len Pickell, thank you for doing my Installation.  You know how much that meant to me.  To MIC Don Russell and his Installation team, Thank You.  To Rick + Peggy Porter thank you for making the journey from Manitoba.  We have traveled many miles together and your support is very special to me.  Stan Payne, thank you for coming from Winnipeg and thank you for your support.  As Grand Marshall, I know that we can host a great Assembly in Winnipeg next year and you are essential to making that happen.  To George Bauder, who came all the way from South Dakota, thank you…this is evidence of the friendships we make over the years.  I hope you enjoyed your holiday in Canada and you know that I, and hopefully others will attend South Dakota York Rite session in Sioux Falls, SD. September 15-17, 2016.

          To everyone involved in Cryptic Rite Masonry my sincere thank you.

Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again.

To my good lady Brenda, and all the ladies that support our endeavors, we love you and could never do it without your love and support.



MIC  Richard Laronde 
Grand Master 2016-2017


Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

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