Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Grand Council Officers
Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada
2018 - 2019

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Grand Master MIC G.E. (Gerry) Tetzloff (4)

Deputy Grand Master RIC Les Robinson (15)

Grand Principal Conductor of the Work RIC Cliff Hartmier (2)

Grand Treasurer MIC Donald Russell (3)

Grand Recorder RIC Jerry W. Kopp (3)


Grand Inspector General Manitoba RIC Jack Fryatt (2)

Grand Inspector General Saskatchewan RIC Alan Goode (6)

Grand Inspector General Alberta RIC David Boone (3)

Grand Inspector General BC Interior & Kootenay RIC Frederick E. Maides (16)

Grand Inspector General BC Lower Mainland RIC Neil Marsh

Grand Inspector General BC Vancouver Island RIC Harold Hayes (11)


Grand Chaplain VIC Brian Hall (4)

Grand Captain of the Guard VIC Wally Watts (4)

Grand Conductor of the Council VIC Terry Gould (4)

Grand Marshall VIC Charles Slater (4)

Grand Organist vacant


Grand Steward Manitoba VIC Arthur H. Arbour (1)

Grand Steward Saskatchewan VIC Cyril Scheske (6)

Grand Steward Alberta VIC Lawrence Anderson (3)

Grand Steward BC Interior & Kootenay VIC Kerry Whitefoot (16)

Grand Steward BC Lower Mainland VIC Karl Ellingsen (7)

Grand Steward BC Vancouver Island VIC Rick Sheldon (11)


Grand Registrar VIC (RIC) Jesse Carr (4)

Grand Webmaster VIC (RIC) Jim Whyte

Grand Sentinel VIC Norm Downs (3)

Grand Historian VIC (MIC) Robert Turner (6)



Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Further Light in York Rite Masonry

Office of the Grand Recorder

Right Illustrious Companion
Jerry Kopp