LINES was collaboratively created and published by Jenni Gehlbach and Tawny Maclachlan Capon. It is a collection of 48 of Jenni's poems each with a line drawing by Tawny, and each pair capturing a particular mood or moment.

Lines Cover Calming

Tawny and Jenni worked together, altering words and images, eliminating some and creating new versions until they were satisfied that the pairings worked. In most cases the poem came first, but there is one exception, and, so far, nobody has guessed which pair had its image inspire the poem rather than vice versa. They chose the papers and format with great care to ensure that LINES was as pleasing to the hand as to the eye and mind.

tawny and Jenni
Tawny & Jenni—photo by Katherine Gordon

The book was launched on Gabriola Island at Page's Resort & Marina's Sandstone Studio in October 2005 and is available from their bookstore for $16.95. It is also available from Gabriola Artworks in Folklife Village, from the gift store at The Haven, or by emailing Jenni or Tawny. The price for a single copy mailed to any Canadian address is $20. Elsewhere, the price will depend on the postage. Its ISBN reference is 0-9738028-04.

LINES was accepted (along with another piece by Tawny) for exhibition at the Art of the Book Exhibition at the Victoria Arts Connection Gallery in Victoria, BC, during the Pacific Festival of the Book held in March 2007.

calming image



As I watch troubled waters
pounding upwards into spray,
oil pours gently over the turbulence
of sorrows and old fears.

High tides fail to reveal
the richness of the sea's edge.
Missed turns and chill winds—
all the currents that could swirl us
onto the sharp rocks of anger
are swallowed
in the calm flow that carries me safely.