My Genealogy and Family History

by Jennifer Lewis (nee Chidlow)

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This is the former location of my genealogy web pages.

My name is Jennifer Lewis (nee Chidlow), and I had several hundred web pages here. I created these pages in order to record and preserve what is known about my family's ancestors and their descendants for everyone to enjoy. One of my goals was (and still is) to make contacts with researchers and other family members that I otherwise would not have met.

I removed these pages in March 2018 for various reasons. One of the main reasons for removal is that it is very time consuming to keep them updated.
I am still actively researching my family's history.

I remain very interested in sharing information with family members and fellow researchers.

I can be contacted at:

I recommend being very careful about some of the trees you may be seeing online. Many of these trees are really just a collection of information without documentation. They are great to use as guides, and many are good, but I have also seen many that I know to be incorrect. Always obtain your own primary source information before adding anything to your own tree!


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