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by Jennifer Lewis (nee Chidlow)

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Greetings! Welcome! Relax, and explore! We're all family here after all!
My name is Jennifer Lewis (nee Chidlow), and I have created these pages in order to record and preserve what is known about my family's ancestors and their descendants for everyone to enjoy. One of my goals is to make contacts with researchers and other family members that I otherwise would not have met.

This is an ongoing project, and has quickly grown into what you will find on these pages. Please see the 'Summary of Surnames' page, or the 'Index of Individuals' page to get started. The 'Scrapbook' section of the site is for various family photographs and assorted documents. On the 'In Memoriam' section, you will find photos of family gravestones from around the world. Finally, the 'Links' page contains various links to websites maintained by family members, as well as a few links to get you started on your own research.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. If you have any additional information or if a correction is required, I encourage you to please e-mail me at
Now on with the fun!

Main Surnames of Interest:

Although I am interested in all of the names found throughout this site, I am particularly interested in the following:

Surname: Location:
CHIDLOW England to Canada
DRYSDALE Canada (Ontario and British Columbia)
GEORGE England
GILLIS Canada and Scotland
HARDCASTLE England to Canada (British Columbia)
LATHAM England
LOWE Canada (Nova Scotia and British Columbia)
MABERLEY England, South Africa, and Canada (Alberta and British Columbia)
MAT(T)HEWSON South Africa
NICKERSON Canada (Nova Scotia and British Columbia)
PARDY England
PLAYFAIR England and Canada (Ontario and Manitoba)
ROBERTS Canada and Wales
ROSKAMP Holland, Norway, and Canada (British Columbia)
SHAW Scotland to Canada (British Columbia)
SMITH Canada (Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and British Columbia)
SMITH Northumberland, England
WELSH Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia)
WESTWOOD England, USA and Canada (British Columbia)
YOUNG England and Canada (NS, SK, AB, and BC)

In Appreciation:

I wish to thank the following people, who have been very helpful in compiling a great deal of this record:

Jessie Barton
Alec Chidlow
Stephen Chidlow
Peter Corn
Karen Stephen
Tom & Edie Chidlow
Jim Chidlow
Alan & Janet Davidson
Amy Farewell
George and Marie Gillis
Lynn Henderson
Bonnie Josephson
Mike Latham
Dave Lewis
Peter Lucas
Lawrence Maberley
Patrick Murphy
Karen Naslund
Beth Rothgordt
Debbie Westwood
David Young


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