1.1 My Mother Fucking Introfuckingduction

Well well well you all you thought I was fucking dead well fuck you. After spending half my life in the dreaded salt mines of Puru I have returned to show to the world something they have never seen before my ass. Oh wait that’s not true everyone has seen my ass hell its even in pictures so fuck you all. In the great tradition of the book of Brykyology and so Clint will not feel like such a great big fucking idiot that he is I have decided to give my addition to the book. Also because I am out of work and have nothing better to do with my life. What is my motive in this book what do I hope to achieve here with my teachings well I hope to find out what the meaning of life is according to the book of Brykyology. This will be a pain staking ordeal. Why you may ask well because my ass gets sore when I sit in the same position for a long peroid of time. In this book as I try to find out what the meaning of life is I will rant a rave about things that bother me in order to find what the meaning is. So as I begin this pain staking ordeal (shit my ass already hurts) let it be known for those who wish to complain my spelling, grammer and possible run on sentences will run rampid through out this book so if you complain once to me I will have to destroy you as I se fit. So go fuck yourself if you give a damn about how this paper you mother fucking piece of shit lamoid assholes.

1.2 The Grammy’s Fucking Suck

But Evan you say (first of all according to the world that is Brykyology (the only world) my name is not Evan my given name for the church is EDGAR RAMON got it) the grammy’s are an important way to recognize the achievements of bands and artists in the world of music. Fuck you I say if you want to call that shit fucking music. The grammy’s are there to recognize bands that are going to be around for tw0 more months and it is also a platform for really bad jokes. Here are some interesting facts about the grammy’s that I may or may not have made up.
Here are your fucking facts:
Good funny jokes made during the grammy’s: A big fat fucking 0
Good bands to perform at the gramy’s besides White Zombie and Metallica and U2: 0
Well since the grammy’s suck fucking shit I don’t feel like finding any facts about them. And I don’t feel like taking about them anymore so fuck you if you thought this was going to be an educational experience cause it fucking isn’t asshole. You want education go to fucking school and if you already have an education then read a fucking book because your reading the wrong fucking thing if your hoping to get anything out of here that you think will help your life out you fucking asshole if you get anything out of here it will be tha you finnaly realize that your life has no merit in accordance to the CHURCH OF BRYKYOLOGY. I know that the one thing you do get out of here is that you live a pathetic life and will accomplish nothing worth writing home about asshole because I will break you and make realize that there is no point in living. You pathetic fucking fool. Ah you thought I was serious gotch ya.. Ya fuck you shit head..

1.3 Religious Cults

You may ask yourself why are you talking about religious cults why there bad EDGAR.. For starters I am writing you fucking shit if I was talking you would here my voice right now huh do you here my voice right now huh do ya no I didn’t think so asshole. I am writing about cults so I can let you know the difference between cults and the CHURCH OF BRYKYOLOGY. So when the church becomes big people will know the difference between cults and the church. For one thing cults recrute people and conform them to there ways of living to form a utopian society. Essentially there is a lot of brain washing and religious mumble jumble. The CHURCH OF BRYKYOLOGY is essentially everything a cult is eccept no religious stuff a lot of drinking smoking grass rocking the gonga taking a hoot having a sesh burning the bud and ya we like to smoke some pot from time to time it helps us relax and think. The main difference between cults and the church is that where in it for the money and the women cause hey why else would we be in it for fucking religious enlightenment what fucking planet have you been living on you fucking faggot.

1.4 Words That Begin With The Letter “D”

Duck, damn, door, dork, day, dark, dog, dad, dummy, dink, dug, dice, dime, dunce, deer, dive, diver, diving, dope, dot, dow, doh, dole, dolmite, doc, doctor, dobbie, don, don furtello Ya I know this is fucking stupid I just didn’t know what to write about next.

1.5 Your Not A Midget

Believe it or not you yes you are not a midget. No trust me asshole you are not a midget. Trust me on this I know this stuff I am an expert I have a degree in midgetology . yes I do I got it from the GOLDEN MIDGET. But you would know that cause you a fucking piece of mother fucking dog shit fucking pigs all day long freak fucking show2 asshole .if you still think you’re a midget then here are two ways to tell if you are.
1. Are you taller than 4 feet if so your not a midget
2. And well that’s pretty much it if your taller than 4 feet than your not a midget.
If you still think you’re a midget than you’re a fucking dickhead you fucking moron.

1.6 The 5th Page Ohhhhhhh

This page is known as the interactive page everyone who reads this gets to participate. Here are the rules. With this page a story will be created by everyone who comes in contact with it. No its not a magical page where words apear on it out of thin air you the reader and now the writer will get to write in 15 words a line to the story. You cannot write more than one line at a time and make sure to keep your writing small due to space restrictions on this page. So here it goes an experiment about to go terribly wrong. Noooooooooo were all going to die ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

There once lived a man of great importance, that walked the earth twice a day.

1.7 If Your Looking For Something On This Page You Will Not Find It Ass Hole

Many of you are out there looking for something that you just cannot have or you just want to have it for a bit but still can not have it because if you were to have it you may not want it because the contents of what you have could ultimatly destroy the true place of where you found it because the place in which you found it may or may not really exist on this plane or the next plane which is located at the other end of the airport where you did not originally intend to find it because you did not really find it there because that place still exists because it was never destroyed but if you found it on another plane then when will that plane get destroyed before or after you find it but just remember that you did not find it because that plane is still here waiting for take off now if it is still waiting for take off then there still is a possibilty that it could still be on that plane on which you thought you found it which means you did not end it at all but you found something else that was not yours and in turn destroyed another plane in which you were not intended to destroy in the first place because the consequinses would be very dredful to the existence of all man kind so you decide to venture to another place where you think it might be but this place you are off to find only exists the mind of the beholder of the thing you have sent out to search for so now in order to find the thing that you are looking for you must find the person that holds it and find out where this place exists if it exists at all because it just exists in his mind but it could be a place that does exist on an equal plane where you are able to access from another airport that may be only accessable from another place that you may or may not have thought of before because in this time of serching for this thing that you are trying to find you have forgotten where that place is and who that person is that knows how to get there so in your realization of this you soon discover that what you are looking for does not exist and that is why we have yet to know what is on this page.

1.8 You Still Think You’re a Midget You Pathetic Fucking Fool

I still don’t understand how you think you’re a midget. The only way I see it is that you live in a land of giants therefore you would apear to them as midgets. But you don’t live in a land of giants asshole . goddamn your fucking pathetic grab a fucking life punch yourself a couple of times and take a look at this and get your rocks off. Cause your not a fucking midget. Ohh unless you really are then I’m sorry and didn’t mean to offend. Please accept my appology and don’t send your army of fighting midgets after me because I live in fear of your army everyday.

Fuck this church rocks

1.9 Understand This And You Might Not Get It

To understand this you have to look at it from all four sides that make up your way of understanding things because to understand this all four of those things have to be in complete understanding with one another but every person has there four different ways of understanding things to tell you what those four different things might be would be preposterous because then you might understand what is going on and to understand what is going on would be devastating to life it self because the whole part to life it self is trying to understand it and if you have reached that total understanding then what would be the point of life because the only reson to understanding life is to understand why there is life because that is ultimatly the only reson we are here is to understand life you may think other wise because you see everything around you and assume that the reson there is life is to further the advancement of the things that are around you and therefore assume that this is the only reson that there is life well it ain’t the only reson there is life to understand life you do not need the things around you to understand life you just need the four things that make you understand why there is life so why haven’t we been able to understand life well that is very simple no one has been able to understand the the four things that make people understand which in order to understand those four things is to look inside yourself but you can’t do that because you don’t understand those things enough to understand where to find them because if you where to understand where to find them then you would understand what they are then you would understand what life is and then you would understand what you just read and therefore you would not understand and then you would have to start again because those four things that you thought would make you understand where the four things that accually did not make you understand because you would have to find the real four things to make you understand because those other things that you thought would make you understand where not the right four things so you would have to start again and that is what makes us keep going on to find out what we have to understand.

2.o The End Is Near Well Actually It Is Here

Ya its here where were you looking I see it wasn’t here. now I see what idiots are reading this. Well its here and this is the end why because it is you dolt so understand. So what was the meaning. You think it was going to be that easy you fuck well it ain’t you jack ass. That is something you have to find out for yourself. Now don’t you have something better to do then read this you fucking moron grab a life this has thing you just read has nothing to do with your life.