The Wonders Of Woolite

Numerous times in my postings you have seen me mention a Woolite solution used for a cleaning media.

Used properly and in moderation the solution is very versatile when it comes to cleaning in the car.

The solution is simple and is recommended by Cadillac and Lexus for cleaning the leather. Just mix up a ratio of 6 parts water to one part Woolite in a spray bottle. I use distilled water. In CanaDUH its called "Zero" by Woolite.

I use it for many purposes in cleaning the car and Iíll go into detail below.

Dash Cleaning

The procedure I use for cleaning the dash and control panel is simple .. I use a cheapie MF towel from Walmart ( yes Walmart MF towels do have a purpose in detailing life ) I spritz the towel with 3 or 4 sprays from the spray bottle the proceed to wipe the dash top down. Once done the top I only spritz the towel once more then do all the controls and knobs / buttons. The towel acts like a dust magnet and also cleans any crud.

Seats and Door Cards

As these areas can get a little dirtier I will give the areas a light spritz of the solution then wipe them down and agitating where needed. Same with the center area by the E Brake and cup holders.


Where I have spot stains in the carpet I will spray the solution directly on the stain the use a tightly rolled up clean terry shop towel and rub and agitate the area vigorously. This will transfer most stains into the towel. Works on shoe polish, coffee, coke etc etc .

Door and Trunk Edges

In these areas I use the MF towel I was using before and wipe them down Ö spritzing more solution in the really dirty areas.

Engine Compartment

The solution is especially handy here if your engine is already detailed. Spritzed on a cheapie MF towel its great for cleaning/dusting in all the small areas and lightly spritzed on a towel is great for a general wipedown and will lift oily hazing that leads to crud.