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Watch Winders for Automatic Watches

Automatic (self-winding) watches rely on the motion of your arm to keep the rotor moving to wind the mainspring. If you leave your automatic watch on your desk for a few days, the mainspring will uncoil causing the watch to stop. When you own multiple watches and don't want to be troubled with the hassle of re-setting the date and time manual by hand, then try using a watch winder. These winders are a neat accessory to have with your matching iphone, computer, and ipod.

Electric powered watch winders rotate watches in a circular motion to keep the mainspring wound up in a coil thus preventing the watch from stopping. There are 2 different settings:clock wise and anti-clock wise programmed into each winding unit. Built in timers keep track of how long the watch has been in the machine and will shut off to prevent watches from being over wound.

Keep your favorite watches running until you are ready to wear them.

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Watch Care Tip?

Daylight Savings Time

It's that time of the year again. If you have clocks that chime every hour, half hour, or quarter hour, don't skip these chime phases or else it could damage the internal movement of your clock. Slowly move the hour hand back to the correct hour. Anytime you experience any sort of tension in the hour hand while adjusting the time, it could mean you need to seek some professional help.

Some clock movements are not designed to allow hour hands to be pushed back and forth for daylight savings. If you are unsure whether your clock movement is equipped with this option, simply stop your clock for an hour and restart your clock after an hour has passed. This is an easy simple way to avoid any unessary repairs to your clock.