Johnson-Bancroft Family In England

by Philip E. Johnson





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Family Lines In England


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The history of this branch on our Family Tree in England, as well as the several other branches connecting are, for the most part, simply names and numbers. There are locations along the way of course and on occasion some personal details.   In an effort to limit writing manuscript after manuscript, I have decided to deal with my Maternal and Paternal ancestors, and hopefully some living relations, in England through the publication of just two volumes.   On my maternal side, "Newman's - In Middlesex/London" has been printed and published in book form.  On my Paternal side, this "Johnson - Bancroft" web site provides the information to a broader audience.  A third volume, "The New Canadians," will deal with all my ancestors after relocation to Canada. The fourth and final volume in the series, as yet untitled, will record details of my own and my siblings families.

The intention here was to record those Johnson and Bancroft family members remaining in England, however, a few slipped off to Australia and they have been included here simply because they will not fit in the next publication in this series titled "The New Canadians."

The most significant aspects are the number of generations involved and the many hundreds of persons identified.

To the best of my ability, dates since 1904 have been removed from all persons records.  Somewere in the future I will add details back in as the passing of invivuals is learned.  The information for many is available and it will be a site management process to update, probably at five year intervals.  If anyone discovers oversights please advise, allowing me to repair any problems.

I must thank Marjorie Wilson (nee Bancroft) for providing vast numbers of names and dates for the Bancroft family. Living in Ontario, Marjorie responded to one of my mailing list messages early on and we built a large file while transferring our information back and forth over the following months. For her part, Marjorie had no record of Christopher William Johnson's where abouts, nor any awareness of his family. It was a very exciting time for us both. I must also thank Susan Watkin in Cambridshire (Huntingdon), for the considerable Willows information she provided, as well as Neil Willerton and also Clive Surfleet in San Fansisco.  Of particular help is Wendy Parkinsons web site, "English Church Photographs."  There are many other individuals who have helped,  each providing some bits and pieces of information.   I do not take credit for all their research.

There are a few locations in these records where double entries occur with some marriages between cousins etc., making it sometimes difficult to define those relationships. Thankfully there are software programs that work all these things out for us.

The Johnson family, involved here, came to Canada in 1869. The last known location for them in England was Louth in Lincolnshire.  See another picture of Louth, and another.  You can clisk on these and (some) other images to enlarge them.

The Bancroft family we are interested in came to Canada from the United States in 1855 or 1856. They had moved from England to the USA in 1854 or 1855. These details are obtained by tracking birth dates of family members. Hanna, the second of 11 children, was born in Ohio, May 14, 1855. Her next younger sibling, William George, was born in Ontario, Sept. 11, 1856 and her older brother, William, was born in Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, Nov. 23, 1853. There are two locations with that lengthy name, one identified as St. Helens, the other being All Saints. Fairly close together and some 20 km east of Louth. This first William died in 1854, however I have been unable to determine where, though it is presumed to be in Lincolnshire.

The Bancroft and Johnson families apparently only connected in Canada. They come from the same area in England and, in at least one relationship, could have connected much earlier.


                         On several pages there will be found children listed with no live link connecting them to another page.  These
                         persons were either born in Canada so have no place in this current publication, or there is no further
                        information available for them at this time.  The Canadian born persons will be included in "The New Canadians,"
                         as that is what they truely are - New Canadians

                         There is one exception to this standard.   Hanna Elizabeth Willey BANCROFT was born in Canada,
                         She is, however,  the one connection to all my other paternal ancestors born in England. 
                         Samuel JOHNSON needed her,  and so do I.                                                                                                                

                         There are pages with two different colored backgrounds included in this publication. 
                         The "Beach" colored pages,  like this one,  indicate you are on a  "Direct Line"  page.    
                         Pages including information regarding other relationships, cousins, uncles, aunts etc., and the Surnamen
                         or Index pages  are   on "Stucco" colored pages ( a grey mottled background).
                         The many links which will take you to maps and other images will show on uncolored (white) pages. 
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                         Note - Children Links (blue text) which are enclosed by these marks > < indicate the direct line to the next
                         generation forward.   Example: >Samuel Fred JOHNSON<.  To move to the next generation back in time
                         select either  the fathers parents or the mothers parents in the boxes located at the very top of the page.  The
                          example here is not an active link.

In this volume I have included the relationship of individuals to myself. These relationships can be found on each "Person Sheet." By selecting (clicking) on a linked individuals name their person sheet will be displayed, including their relationsship to myself, my siblings and my first or second cousins. Those on the "Bancroft" side of the equation will of course have no real relationship to the Johnsons in England, however all those of my generation have the same relationship to the Bancroft's in England as myself. Confused? I have listed below, individuals of my generation, in so far as I know who they are, in order to assist readers with their relationship problems.   Not as councilor, for that service you must search elsewhere. 

PEJ, 2004

                                                                                 My Siblings

                                              Given Name                             Married                       Line

                                    JOHNSON,  Madelaine Kate            Staples                     (Johnson)
                                    JOHNSON,  Marjorie Myrtle            Hanson                    (Johnson)
                                    JOHNSON,  Patience May               MacArthur               (Johnson)
                                    JOHNSON,  Isabel Eileen                MacDonald              (Johnson)
                                    JOHNSON,  Keith William                                               (Johnson)
                                    JOHNSON,  Philip Edward                                              (Johnson)

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                                                                               My First Cousins

                                    DOAN,  Vernest Kane                      Schulyer                  (Johnson)
                                    DOAN,  Patrrick Frank                                                     (Johnson)
                                    DOAN,  Doris Irene                          Trigger                    (Johnson)

                                    ADDLEY,  Isabel Myrtle                  Williamson              (Johnson)
                                    ADDLEY,  Arthur                                                            (Johnson)
                                    ADDLEY,  Anna                                                              (Johnson)
                                    ADDLEY,  Thomas Edward                                            (Johnson)
                                    ADDLEY,  Julia Mary Margaret       Wall                        (Johnson)

                                    BANNISTER,  Samual Robert                                         (Johnson)
                                    BANNISTER,  William                                                    (Johnson)
                                    BANNISTER,  Wallace                                                    (Johnson)
                                    BANNISTER,  Murel                                                       (Johnson)

                                                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                                                                           My Second Cousins

                                    BAXTER,  Fred                                                               (Bancroft)
                                    BAXTER,  Harold                                                           (Bancroft)
      BAXTER,  Donald                                                          (Bancroft)
      BAXTER,  May                                Hutton                    (Bancroft)

                                    SCHUYLER,  David William                                          (Bancroft)
      SCHUYLER,  Betty                         Andrews                 (Bancroft)

      BRENNAN,   Dorothy                     Horning                   (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Joseph Earl                                                 (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Jestin Robinson                                          (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Ada Margaret              Legacy                   (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Vincent Edward                                         (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Mildred Alberta           Plyley                     (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Kenneth Percival                                        (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Mary Leone                                                (Bancroft)
      BRENNAN,  Harold Lloyd                                              (Bancroft)

      HYATT,  Margartet Doretta             Sutton                      (Bancroft)
      HYATT,  Beatrice Irene                                                   (Bancroft)
      HYATT  Wallace Finley                                                  (Bancroft)   
      HYATT,  Helen May                       Weadock                 (Bancroft)
      HYATT,  Winnifred Bernice            Crawford                (Bancroft)

      JOHNSON, Ila Bernice                    Carpenter                (Bancroft)
      JOHNSON,  Edna Ellenora              Broughton              (Bancroft)
      JOHNSON,  Luella Pearl                 Britton                    (Bancroft)
      JOHNSON,  Hazel Doretta              Atkinson                 (Bancroft)

      BANCROFT,  Marjorie Helen         Wilson                    (Bancroft)

      BANCROFT,  Neil Whitney                                           (Bancroft)
      BANCROFT,  Murray John                                            (Bancroft)
      BANCROFT,  Ewart Malcolm                                        (Bancroft)

      WALKER,  Edgar Glen                                                   (Bancroft)
      WALKER,  Ruth Edna Faye            Dawson                  (Bancroft)
      WALKER,  Richard Wayne B.                                        (Bancroft)

      BANCROFT,  James Arthur                                            (Bancroft)
      BANCROFT,  Annie May               Senior                      (Bancroft)

      DUFFY,  William  James Eugene                                     (Bancroft)

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