Johnson-Bancroft Family In England

by Philip E. Johnson

A Bit About The Author

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, the youngest of six surviving children, I grew up in the west end, not far from where I live today.  Most of my adult life was spent living in Canada's arctic, involved with the provision of public utility service to that vast area.  Along the way I was the proud father of seven children and today enjoy visits with them and my ten grandchildren.  I met and married Helen in 1997, seeing my family grow again, with three stepchildren and their families entering my life.  Today we have, between us, ten children and  fifteen grandchildren.  Still an expnding family of (currently) 36 wonderfull individuals.  Over the years, living in isolated communities across the far north, one learns about doing things themselves and volunteering for any and everything.  Today I often refer to myself as a professional volunteer.  I like the good feeling that comes with the territory and even though various projects seem to interfear with daily life, when the work is all finished, satisfaction soon settles in and we move on to something new. 

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