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future.gif (26274 bytes) Millennium Mouse (craft)

source: Girl Guides of Canada website

bulletmodelling clay (salt dough)
bulletsharp pencil
bulletpiece of yarn or string, for tail
bullettake a small lump of clay (about the size of a walnut) and roll it between your palms to form a smooth round ball.
bulletpush the ball down a little on a flat surface, just to flatten the base of the mouse.
bulletform the mouse's face by gently pinching and pulling one side of the ball between your thumb and middle finger, pulling the clay up a bit to form the ears, and forward a bit to form the face.  Be gentle; the mouse body should retain its round shape.
bulletadd the tail, poking the end gently into the body with the pencil point.
bulletform eyes by poking shallow holes with the pencil.
bulletwrite a note stating something you wish to accomplish before the year 2000; tie a knot in the mouse's tail to remind you of your "resolution".
bulletthe note and the mouse will be kept at the hall (the mouse needs to dry!) and given back at a later date.
bulletwhen you get your mouse back, and you have accomplished your resolution, untie the knot.

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