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outdoors.gif (30933 bytes)Knotty Dice (game)

source: Active Living Toolbox for The Guide Program

First teach the girls the necessary knots: in this case we learned the clove hitch, sheet bend and round turn & two half hitches knots.  Set up a chart which indicates a number (1 to 6) along with a knot and an activity.  One girl then rolls a die (or more dice) and has to tie the knot which is associated with her roll.  The other girls have to do the activity over and over and over again until the knot is tied successfully.  This game was quite a hit when we played it!

Some of the activities were: jumping jacks, singing a silly song, sit-ups, skipping, hopping on one foot, rowing a boat while singing "Row Row Row Your Boat"....

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Barnyard Bedlam (game)

source: adapted from Becky's Guiding Resource Centre and Instant Meetings for the Busy Guider

Supplies: popcorn -- explain why -- if it isn't found, it feeds the animals, or biodegrades!!

Preparation: Before the meeting, distribute little piles of popcorn in obvious and not obvious spots -- at the base of tree, on top of a stump, in the shadow of a rock -- etc. Make lots of piles if you want a long fun loud game!

Before Playing: Away from the site, divide the girls into two or three groups. Make someone in each group the Farmer, and the rest in each group choose an animal. Each group must have a different animal. Each group practices making their animal's sound.

On "go", the animals (not farmers) from all groups will spread out and look for popcorn hidden around. They cannot talk at any time!!! Once an animal finds a hoard of popcorn, she does not touch or talk about them. She stands with her toes pointing toward the popcorn and makes her animal's noise *AS LOUD AS SHE CAN*!

The farmer has to listen for her animals' noises. She hustles over to her animal (there's often more than one at once!) and picks up the popcorn.

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Nature Compass (game)

source: Active Living Toolbox for The Guide Program

In groups or pairs, girls are given a card with a compass direction to an item.   Starting from a common point, girls establish the given direction from the compass and continue in that direction until they find the item listed on their card.  By observation they then try to find out three things about the item before returning to the leaders.

Some examples of items to search for are: insect, something moving, branch, pine needle, bark, something brown, moss, twig, dirt, something green, something soft, something dry, weed, seed, pine cone, flower, tree, something smooth, leaf, grass, rock.

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Nature Bingo (game)

Prepare several BINGO cards in advance.  In the centre of the card is a "free" square, and the rest of the squares contain descriptive adjectives.   Randomly call out the descriptions one by one: the girls who have the descriptions on their cards must run off and return with something from nature (remembering not to harm anything!) which matches.  They may mark off the square once found.  The first girl to complete a line wins.

Here is a sample game card:



























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Water Saver / Water Waster (game)

source: Instant Meetings for the Busy Guider

Make two signs: "Water Saver" and "Water Waster".  Post them at opposite ends of the hall.

One girl calls out a use for water (i.e. having a long shower) and all of the girls run to the appropriate sign.  All girls then return to the middle of the hall where the girl who reached the correct sign first calls out another use for water.

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Dripping Tap

source: Instant Meetings for the Busy Guider

Set up a dripping tap by pricking a pin hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle.   make sure the bottle will sit in the opening of a larger bottle.  Add some food colouring to the top bottle and let it drip throughout the meeting.  Point the "dripping tap" out to the girls.

At the end of the meeting measure the amount of water that has dripped: this is wasted water!  Talk about how much water we waste at home when a tap drips all the time.   Compare this with the amount of water that is available in Third World countries.

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Milk Carton Bird Feeder (craft)

bulletmilk carton - either 1 or 2 litre size
bulletvinyl adhesive (we used "Tie Tac")
bulletGlue or staple the top of the milk carton closed.
bulletCut holes in the sides of the milk carton to allow birds to enter for food (make sure that the holes aren't too close to the bottom! You need space for the food!).  Some of us put only one hole in our feeders, others put two holes on opposite sides of the box.
bulletCover the carton with the vinyl adhesive (a flowered patterned vinyl looks very nice!).
bulletRemove the vinyl (using scissors) where the holes are in the box.
bulletPoke holes in the carton below the openings and insert a stick through the holes - this is a spot for the birds to sit on while they eat.
bulletPoke a hole through the top of the carton and push a piece of string through the hole (we used scissors to poke the hole, then used the scissors again to push the string through).  Tie the string for a hanger.
bulletFill the bottom of the carton with bird seed and hang it outside in the trees!

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