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1st Castlegar Guide Co.

Planning Tools - Do you need some way to track your Guide challenges?

bulletI have created a Microsoft Excel planning & tracking workbook.
bulletIf you don't have Excel, you can print out the following pdf files:
bulletTrack all of your Guide badges - challenge, camp, thanks, religion in life and interest.
bulletTrack the individual challenges - encountering, exploring and discovering.
bulletTrack Lady Baden-Powell award requirements - My Guiding Principles, thanks, challenge and interest badges.
bulletPlan the challenges into your meetings by date - encountering, exploring and discovering.

Following are some of the program activities we have accomplished to date:

bulletMy Guiding Community
bulletThe Promise and Law
bulletPromise Puzzle Relay (game)
bulletPromise Fence (craft)
bulletPromise Stick (craft)
bulletDuck-Duck-Goose Promise Game
bulletMarooned on an Island
bulletPromise and Law Flower (craft)
bulletGuide History
bulletJeopardy (game)
bulletConnect the Dots History Puzzle
bulletGuiding History Star (craft)
bulletAbout Guiding
bulletGuiding Girl (craft)
bulletCanadian Heritage
bulletCanadian Symbol Tag (game)
bulletCanadian Symbol Concentration (game)
bulletThe Loon - A Twana Legend
bulletHow Mosquitoes Came To Be - A Tlingit Legend
bulletKnowing My Community / What's Important in My Community
bulletWe make cookie posters.
bulletGuiding Around the World
bulletBuild the World Flag (game)
bulletMy Outdoor Environment
bulletCamping and Outdoor Skills
bulletKnotty Dice (game)
bulletOutdoor Cooking
bulletFinding Your Way
bulletBarnyard Bedlam (game)
bulletNature Compass (game)
bulletThe Natural World
bulletNature Bingo (game)
bulletWater Saver / Water Waster (game)
bulletDripping Tap
bulletMilk Carton Bird Feeder (craft)
bulletOutdoors in Winter
bulletWe have a sledding night.
bulletMy Horizons
bulletReducing, Reusing, Recycling
bulletMost of our crafts reuse something.
bulletBeing Prepared
bulletThe Crow Caws (game)
bulletEmergency Opera (game)
bulletFriendship Messages
bulletSocial Event
bulletAround the House
bulletTool Time
bulletFirst Aid
bulletBee Prepared First Aid Kit (craft)
bulletScience and Technology
bulletEngineer Badge Match-up
bulletFire Extinguisher Reaction
bulletStructure Challenge
bulletMining a Chocolate Chip Cookie
bulletMy Future
bulletFavourite Things
bulletMillennium Mouse (craft)
bulletArt Appreciation, Crafts and Heritage
bulletIn the Public Eye
bulletActive Living

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