How to construct a basic Door

A tutorial for GZDoom


A DOOM level without doors is almost unthinkable, they are such an integral part of gameplay. Constructing a door in any map editor is fairly easy, but using one of the editors of the Doombuilder2 family (DB2, DBX, GZDB, GZDBBF) makes this really easy.

Not only in the earliest maps, but even today, some mappers plaster a door flush with the wall. While this works, it looks terrible. A good looking door is recessed a bit into the wall.

In general, a door sector has a 0 height, where the floor height is the same as the ceiling height.

doorsector (20K)

To activate a basic door the player walks up to the door and presses the use button to open the door.

basic 3 rooms preview2 (100K)

To begin with, construct 2 rooms, eg. ceiling at 163 and floor at 0 height.

2sectors (46K)

Then interconnect those sectors with a smaller sector eg. ceiling at 120 and floor at 0 height.

basic1 (89K)

and inside that sector insert the sector which is to be the door

basic2 (99K)

Now highlight the door sector and press the key combination Shift+D (default), and this Make Door editing window pops up. Select any preferred texture or leave the default as is. Click also on Apply Action Specials. Then OK.

basic4 (112K)

Notice the options Reset texture offsets, Apply action special and Apply tag.

result preview2 (100K)

Now the door is constructed with the correct door heights, ceiling at 0 and floor at 0. The linedefs are pointing out and the doortracks are set to unpegged. And most impotantly, the linedefs are given a door special and a trigger so that the door will open.

Go ahead and try this out in a playable map.

You want something different? Then read on.

Have fun creating your own maps.

Kappes Buur
18 May 2018