Using textures from a resource wad

for a GZDoom format map

in 8 easy steps

You have seen, for example, which textures were used in Eviternity and you really like those textures. Now you think that some of those textures would look really cool in your pwad as well. So, how can that be achieved?

It is really quite simple when using a lump editor like Slade3.


To include textures from a resource pwad in one's own pwad is very easy when using any GZDOOM map format. There are several reasons for this:

GZDOOM does not need any TEXTURE1/2 or PNAMES lumps. Textures and Flats can be placed into the same TX_ namespace, so that textures can be applied to floors and ceilings, and flats can be applied to walls. And, being BOOM compatible it can thusly make use of the SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps. Another feature of GZDOOM is that several graphic formats are supported, therefore there is no need to convert the png format textures to standard DOOM format.

Step 1 : open the resource pwad (OTEX.wad) in Slade3

Now let's take a look at how this works with the textures from Eviternity, which uses the resource pwad OTEX.wad.

S3_OTEX (73K)

Step 2 : open the Texture Editor

To copy the OTEX textures click on TEXTURE2 and then click on Edit Textures to open the texture editor. Or just doubleclick on TEXTURE2. The texture editor opens in a new tab.

S3_OTEX2 (87K)

Step 3 : Highlight all textures and Export To - PNG File

With the texture editor open, highlight every texture. Then rightclick on one of them to open the menu Export To, then PNG file.

S3_OTEX3 (92K)

Step 4 : In Windows Explorer (WE) specify/create a folder

Then, in the Windows Explorer menu which consequently opens, select/create a folder where you want to store the textures, for example OTEX_TEXTURES. This saves 2536 textures as png files.

Step 5 : open your map in Slade3

Close the OTEX Texture Editor tab and load your map.
At the end of the MAP namespace make new entries, TX_START and TX_END.

MAP01_TX (40K)

Save the map.

Step 6 : drag the textures from WE into your map inbetween the TX_ markers

Now drag all textures from OTEX_TEXTURES to inbetween the TX_ markers.

MAP01_TX2 (43K)

Save the map

Now, all textures from DOOM2.wad and the new textures are available in your pwad.

Step 7 : in the resource pwad highlight all flats

Now highlight all flats in OTEX and copy/paste them to the end of the texture lumps, but still inbetween the TX_ markers. 1203 flats will be transfered.

MAP01_TX3 (58K)

Save the map

Step 8 : copy/paste the SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps

Since OTEX also provides new switch textures and animated flats, and GZDOOM is BOOM compatible, copy/paste the SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps into your pwad. But do not place them into the MAP namespace or the TX_ namespace. I placed them inbetween those 2 namespaces.

MAP01_TX4 (44K)

Save the map

And done.

If the pwad is done in the pk3 format, then textures and flats need to be placed into their respective namespaces instead. This is explained in great detail here.

Kappes Buur, January 2020