Prerequisit programs
Image Viewer/Editore.g.: Irfanview, XnView, Paint Shop Pro,
Map Editore.g.: Doombuilder2, GZDoom Builder
Lump Editore.g.: Slade3
One of the best collection of skyboxes, originally they were intended for the game Quake, is Wadfather. There, one can find dozens of weird and wonderful skyboxes in 256 and 512 bit sizes. Best of course are the 512 bit images in tga format. So, let's make a 6 texture skybox, for example: jump2_512, a spacestation.

For use with GZDoom change the image format from tga into png.
This can be done with Irfanview, or XnView, or similar. If the images have a name, which is longer than 8 characters, then they must be renamed before they are brought into the map with Slade3, or else the name will be truncated to the first 8 characters.

Making a skybox is a two part procedure.
First, construct a map with GZDoom Builder. The skybox will be visible in any sector with the F_SKY1 texture on the floor and/or ceiling:

Save the map.

Then open it with Slade3 to create the MAPINFO, GLDEFS and image lumps. I named the skybox JUMP2 to stay with the original name and then renamed the image lumps according to the following scheme.

renaming convention
  1. name_bk to name_W
  2. name_dn to name_B
  3. name_ft to name_E
  4. name_lf to name_S
  5. name_rt to name_N
  6. name_up to name_T

And now to see what it looks like in-game:

Oh dear, something went wrong!!!!!

Well, not really. Remember that the skyboxes from Wadfather were made for the Quake engine. The drawback is, that the top image has to be rotated to match up in GZDoom.

Some time back, Graf Zahl made a fix for this. Include fliptop in GLDEFS, for example:


Let's see how it looks like now:

Aha, all is well.

Example pwad

Kappes Buur
May 31, 2012