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Allow us to introduce ourselves: our names are Aaron and Kristine.  We are hobby breeders on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We've got mountains, the ocean, lots of trees to hug - we love our little corner of the world!

We've had experience with chinchillas since the late 1980's, through the standard pair that Kristine had as pets during high school.  They were gone by the time we finished university (well, one of us finished university; one of us didn't... quite) and for a couple of years we were chinless.  Since then we've learned a lot, experienced a bit of life, and renewed our passion for chins.  We bought the first of our current chin family in 2001 from a local fur rancher.  Her name was Juliet and her birthday was May 3, 2001 (she passed away in 2008).

Our second chin, Romeo, came to us from a local breeder by the name of Chinchilla Kingdom.  Romeo is as affectionate and friendly as Juliet, though in more of an emphatic "bowl-you-over" fashion.  It's funny how their personalities are so unique!  Romeo and Juliet had their first litter on February 17, 2003, right on their due date (while we weren't at home, of course).  Their two little babies flourished and found new homes.

Since then, we have added several more chins to our family, trying to do it very slowly since we also have non-furry children.  Life is just too busy right now to have more chins than we can comfortably keep as family pets.  We wouldn't want to have so many chins that we didn't have enough time to spoil each one of them rotten!  Maybe when the kids are all in school or we're empty nesters with lots of time on our hands, we'll build up a bigger "herd."

We continue to learn as we go along.  We've attended some shows, made a couple trips to the vet, had lots of baby chins born under our roof, and made many friends in the chinchilla industry.  It has been a rich and rewarding experience!  Thank-you for taking a little time to get to know us!

February 2013 update:  We have added a fourth baby to the family (a surprise one), so we needed to downsize the chinnies a bit.  With just a few pairs remaining as pets, we will still have quality kits available from time to time, but not in great quantity or variety.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, but happy to recommend other local breeders if we don't have what you are looking for.  We are still able to provide small animal supplies.



Some of our chin care practices:

We provide our chins with spacious accommodations, so that they always have lots of room to themselves, should they want it (more often than not, they sleep in a big pile on the top shelf anyway).  Cages are cleaned weekly and loaded with pine shavings at the bottom to ensure a healthy environment for our chins.

We currently feed our chins Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe Pellet.  They also love timothy hay, timothy/alfalfa cubes, uncooked slow oats, raisins, dried rosehips, sunflower seeds and other dried fruit and nuts (unsalted).  Treats are given sparingly!

Our chins are bathed generally two times a week.  We tried chinchilla sand, to minimize dust, and concluded that it didn't work very well.  So, we're back to chinchilla dust.  We currently use Blue Cloud brand.

Baby chins are handled daily from birth, so that they grow up tame and friendly.  Our daughter is especially keen on helping us with this!

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