How We Do It

First and foremost, the welfare of the horse is paramount.  
Our goals will always be aligned with what is in the best interest of the horse.  As stated in our purposes, safeguarding these horses is our priority and, by using a high level of ethics and integrity, we will provide care and a safe place for Andalusian & Lusitano horses in need via established charitable equine rescues and sanctuaries across Canada until they can be adopted from there into devoted homes.  

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-homing, Sanctuary 
In abuse/neglect cases, we will always contact law enforcement immediately and assist in the legal recovery of the horse into our custody for adoption, rehabilitation, and/or sanctuary.  

For unwanted horses, we are willing to take over custody of the horse from the current owner and re-home the horse using our processes. CSAH aims to intercept horses before they go to auction and/or risk going to slaughter so we appeal to the owners with unwanted horses to please contact us first. 

In all cases, horses in need will be transported to the nearest established and reputable charitable equine rescue and/or volunteer foster home where s/he will be evaluated, rehabilitated (if necessary), and re-homed.  For horses where adoption may be more difficult, they will be transported to an established sanctuary where they can live out their final years with peace and dignity.

We advocate for responsible breeding and responsible ownership.
The Canadian Society for the Andalusian Horse provides educational materials to prevent neglect and/or abuse of this magnificent horse.  We also provide information on the proper ways to feed and care for Andalusians & Lusitanos and tips on how to train and successfully co-exist with them.  For breeders, we offer suggestions for best practices to help keep your stock safe and in good, knowledgeable homes throughout their lives.