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Dedicated to the Welfare of the 
Andalusian & Lusitano Horse in Canada

Registered Federal Canadian Charity # 7900801715 RR0001

About Us
The Andalusian Horse

To promote and protect the welfare of the Andalusian horse by rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted, and surrendered Andalusian horses;

To operate Andalusian adoption/re-homing programs;

To advance education and public awareness by providing resources, presentations, and fundamental information on responsible horse stewardship, ethical horse breeding practices, and humane horse training methods;

To advance education and public awareness by conveying the significant cultural and historical importance of the ancient Andalusian horse to the world;

To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above mentioned charitable purposes; and,

To operate without the purpose of gain for its officers/directors/ members, and any profits or other accretions to the corporation shall be used in furtherance of its purposes.

Our Purposes

Bylaws of the
(the “Corporation”)

Part 1 – Definitions and Interpretation


1.1 In this by-law and all other by-laws of the Corporation, unless the context otherwise requires:

"Act" means the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act S.C. 2009, c.23 including the Regulations made pursuant to the Act, and any statute or regulations that may be substituted, as amended from time to time;

"articles" means the original or restated articles of incorporation or articles of amendment, amalgamation, continuance, reorganization, arrangement or revival of the Corporation;

"board" means the board of directors of the Corporation and "director" means a member of the board;

"by-law" means this by-law and any other by-law of the Corporation as amended and which are, from time to time, in force and effect;

"meeting of members" includes an annual meeting of members or a special meeting of members; "special meeting of members" includes a meeting of any class or classes of members and a special meeting of all members entitled to vote at an annual meeting of members;

"ordinary resolution" means a resolution passed by a majority (for example more than 50%) of the votes cast on that resolution;

"Regulations" means the regulations made under the Act, as amended, restated or in effect from time to time; and

"special resolution" means a resolution passed by a majority of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast on that resolution.

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