2001 Homozygous Black PRE Andalusian Stallion
Registered with IALHA
In the Spanish Studbook


Hercules G (aka 'Herc') is a beautiful homozygous black (DNA tested EEaa) revised PRE Andalusian stallion that was imported from Spain in-utero.  He is 16.0hh in height, is approximately 1200lbs, has good bone (9" cannons), and has the short-coupled classic baroque build of the traditional Spanish horse. His movement is elevated and he has nice extension.  Hercules also has the ‘Bocado Bump’... a small ½" flap of cartilage located where his forelock meets his forehead.  This 'bump' is considered by some as a sign of purity of breed.

Herc carries with him some very distinguished and powerful performance bloodlines that are rare in North America.  His bloodlines are not only rare for any pure Spanish horse in North America, but his lines are extremely rare for a Spanish horse that is BLACK.  Herc is not directly related to Teodoro, Navarre GF, Doctor XVI, Genio III, or Guarapo - sires of most of the black Spanish horses in North America.  Herc also has no full siblings to date.

Herc's bloodlines are a combination of the best functional performance horse breeders in Spain.... Martínez-Boloix, Escalera, Benitez, Conde Muñoz, and Yeguada Militar... that are united with the pure Cartujano breeders of Urquijo and Terry... in a combination  resulting in a compact, traditional style horse with a powerful drive from the rear.


Herc is an athletic and versatile horse that likes to work.  As you would expect from a horse bred to be competitive, he has a strong character with an honest and bold temperament yet also possesses a quiet nobility and willingness to please.

Hercules' sire, Esclavo XXV, is an imported black 16.2hh PRE stallion bred by Marques de Velilla, breeders of renowned functional black dressage horses who have won many titles in Spain.  Esclavo is by the pure Urquijo  stallion, Sanson IV, who only has 2 full siblings.  Urquijo horses are known for their spectacular movement, commanding presence,  and are comprised of pure Cartujano lines.  Cartujano horses are a line of Spanish horses that is considered by some to be the epitome of the original, historic Spanish horse.  These horses can be traced back over 500 years and are known for their baroque characteristics, extreme elevation, impulsion, beauty, and gentle temperaments. 

June 2014

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Esclavo's dam, Esclavina, is by the Lebrijano III son and Escalera branded black stallion, Famoso XIII.  Escalera horses are one of the oldest and most prestigious bloodlines and they are renowned for breeding black and bay horses of uniformity and functionality.  Escalera horses are also known for their movement - extension, impulsion, suspension - and are sought after for the dressage ring. 

Lebrijano III was bred by Jose Luis Escalera and stood at the the military stud for 20 years.  He was then purchased by Pedro Maza as a foundation stallion for his breeding program.  Horses with Lebrijano III in their lines seem to have the golden touch for excelling in dressage... horses such as Invasor II, Gaucho III, and Fuego de Càrdenas are all grandsons of Lebrijano III.

Esclavina's grandsire was Brioso VII who carried the brand of Romero Benitez and was Champion of Champions in Jerez. The Romero Benitez stud farm originated in the 19th century and have since won many awards in Spain.  Their horses are descendents of Cartujano lines.

June 2014


Hercules' dam, Celinda VII, is a black mare also bred by Marques de Velilla and imported to North America from Spain.  She is by the black Manuel Martínez Boloix stallion, Zodiaco III, and has no full siblings.  Martínez Boloix horses carry 300 years of tradition with 6 generations in the family as breeders.  Martínez Boloix are known for their black stallions, have a shining record of stock, and have an ongoing involvement in the development and judging of the breed.  Zodiaco III is a double grandson of Iberico III, a Urquijo branded stallion who died at a young age after only siring 33 purebred foals.

Zodiaco III was by the black Martínez Boloix stallion, Kai-Kirse.  Kai-Kirse was a very functional doma vaquera horse who was one of the black foundation sires for Martínez Boloix in the 80's.  He was later sold to Germany in the early 1990's as a foundation sire for the PRE stud Armin-Rahn in Bavaria.  Kai-Kirse's dam, Chistosa, was a Martínez Boloix mare widely known for her fantastic extension and elevation.

Celinda's dam, Abadesa V, was also by the Lebrijano III son and branded Escalera black stallion, Famoso XIII.  Famoso's dam, Famosa XXIV, was by Jecomias, a Militar stallion.  Militar horses are synonymous with performance in modern day competition.

Herc's great-great maternal granddam is Quebrada III who was bred by Jose Maria Conde Muñoz Conde Muñoz horses are known throughout the pure Spanish horse world as very functional performance horses and are always in great demand in Spain.


Although Hercules has had lots of training in both dressage and reining, he is retired from the show ring and will only be used as a pleasure horse and a breeding stallion. 

Hercules is not available for stud to outside mares so, if you are interested in one of his babies, please contact me.

Hercules was bred at the Marques de Velilla stud farm in Spain and born and raised at Gloriosa Farms in Celina, Texas.  Thanks to Dawn Griggs of Gloriosa Farms for making the ownership of Herc possible!

July 2014

Esclavo XXV

Celinda VIII (with Hercules as a foal)                                                                       Celinda VIII                     

              Iberico III                                                                  Kai-Kirse                                                             Zodiaco III            

 Nevado III (sire of Nostalgico III)                Jecomias (sire of Famosa XXIV)                                   Amoroso V (sire of Iberico III)                           

Pinturero VIII                                              Brioso VII                                                              Garboso XI (sire of Estimada VI)                   

                                      Maluso                                                                 Agente                                                             Lebrijano III             


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