Keilen Ranch is an 80 acre ranch located in central British Columbia in beautiful Cariboo Country.  Because we make our living within the forest industry, we thought it was only appropriate to pay tribute to the forests by naming our foals with the suffix 'del bosque' (of the forest).  Keilen Ranch is 'El Cortijo del Bosque' (the little farmhouse of the forest) and this, hopefully, explains our ranch brand which is the background image for this website.

Our pure Spanish horses are raised naturally in a herd environment.  We believe that raising horses as they were meant to be is the best way for them to reach their full potential… both mentally and physically.  In saying that, we also handle and care for our horses on a daily basis - they are an integral part of the family and receive lots of affection and attention.  We handle the foals from birth so they bond with humans more readily and see human interaction as a positive and rewarding experience right from the start. 

Our goal is to raise the ideal pure Spanish horse while still remaining true to the breed standard.  We breed for more of the traditional style Spanish horse with presence, substance, athleticism, and short-coupled builds.  We strive for horses that are not only correct and beautiful, but ones that have willing minds, are superb athletes, and make outstanding partners for their humans.  We also know that breeding horses is a challenging endeavour but we truly love it and feel that this will easily be reflected in our horses.  

Our training/handling methods are based on those of Ray Hunt, Bill Dorrance, and Tom Dorrance... a true foundation of horsemanship. Nothing tops the feeling of a horse willingly forming a partnership with their human.  We have been using these fundamentals since the late 1980s and have never been disappointed with the results.  In more recent years, the work with Iberian horses that Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado have done has been very inspiring.

Because we are not breeding horses to make a living, there will only ever be 1 or 2 exceptional purebred foals available each spring. Our stallion is from rare bloodlines to North America and ALL of our mares are sired by champion stallions imported from Spain - we take the task of upholding the breed standard very seriously and will never sacrifice quality for quantity.  

We welcome all inquires about our horses or the Andalusian breed in general.  There is a reason these horses are known as 'The Horse of Kings'… come see for yourself…