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Amada is a beautiful, talented, and exceptional addition to our breeding program.  She is a full-bodied mare with very classic Spanish characteristics including the people-loving temperament and classic convex head profile.  She is IALHA registered and both her parents are revised in the Spanish studbook (lgANCCE).

Amada’s bloodlines are wonderful.  Her pedigree boasts the great Spanish breeders of Escalera, Paco Lazo,  Romero Benitez, Yeguada Militar, Terry, and Hierro Bocado.   She is the granddaughter of both the Olympic competitor, Evento, and of the famous photographer Robert Vavra’s pick of the 10 most beautiful horses in the world, Dejado.  She is also the great granddaughter of the Spanish greats, Leviton and Poseido V.

Amada’s sire is Invasor III, a beautiful stallion bred and branded in Spain by Romero Benitez and trained at the Royal School in Jerez.  This Military/Bocado bred stallion was successfully shown in numerous European PRE National competitions in 2001 through 2004, with Morphology & Functionality scores as high as 82+.   He was briefly imported to Canada, then exported back to Spain.  

Invasor III is the son of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic dressage competitor, Evento.   Evento was one of the pioneers in dressage for Spanish horses.  In 1994, the Spanish horses Evento, Flamenco, and Albus participated for the first time at the grand prix level in international dressage. All three horses obtained excellent results and qualified to compete in the European Championship, and ultimately, to participate in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.   Evento was also 3/4 brother to Distinguido X, the 2002 WEG Spanish Dressage Team competitor.  

International Competition Record of Evento:
1998 Nation’s Cup, Rome, Italy, Ind. rank: 18, Team rank: 6
1997 European Championships: 1997, Ind. rank: 11, Team rank: 4
1997 European Championships, Verden, Germany, Ind. rank: 11, Team rank: 4
1996 Olympic Games. Atlanta, USA, Ind. rank: 11, Team rank: 7
1995 European Championships, Mondorf, Lux., Ind. rank: 18

Evento is now classified as an ‘Elite’ stallion (Reproductor de Élite) in the Spanish Studbook.  This is a very prestigious honour as there are presently only 2 other Elite stallions.  This honour was awarded to Evento posthumously.  An Elite Stallion has not only passed Basic breeding approval (Reproductor Bàsico) and *Qualified status (*‘Reproductor Calificado’)by the lgANCCE veterinarian(s), a stallion which is awarded the Elite status must also have achieved a genetic index, with minimum reliability, that exceeds the average in BOTH categories of Conformation and Dressage.

Evento was by the legendary and celebrated stallion, Leviton.  Leviton was widely known for his beautiful head and neck, huge forward reaching stride, and overall balance.  He was not only a movement champion himself, but sired an overwhelming amount of movement and performance champions.  Leviton is listed as #3 in the Spanish Book of Merits (LIMPRE).

Amada’s dam, Jibarita, was sired by Dejado, the branded Escalera stallion imported from Spain whom was thought to be one of the 10 most beautiful horses in the world by internally acclaimed photographer, Robert Vavra.  Dejado was an exhibition stallion for the Parra family, who were pioneers in Spanish horses in North America, and was known to pass on to his offspring his great bone, wonderful temperament, and his beautiful head.  Escalera horses have been known to exist in the early 1700’s and these horses are known for their power, strength and trainability.  These traits have made them especially successful in dressage arenas in Spain and Europe.  Escalera horses are modern athletes with the best characteristics of the Spanish horse still evident in their composition.  

Amada’s granddam, Jibara, was a Paco Lazo bred mare by Poseido V, who was a rare bay pure Bocado bred stallion bred by the Terry Stud and bought by Fernando (Paco) Lazo in Spain as a foundation stallion for his breeding program.  Poseido V was the 1989 Reserve Champion of Spain.

Through Leviton,  Jenson, Talisman, Tangible, and Cesar, Amada has eight crosses to the famous Maluso from the Military stud.  Maluso was born at Yeguada Militar but his sire, Lebrero, was a Muira bred horse (Muira horses were bred to fight bulls.  The Muiras bred their horses to resemble the classic Andalusian - powerful, with exceptional bone, yet very elegant).  Maluso was also one of the foundation bay Spanish horses and, because of Maluso's excellent conformation, his photo was used on the cover for one of the earlier editions of the Spanish studbook which is truly a tribute to his quality.

Amada has competed in training level dressage in Ontario and did well.  Although she enjoyed competing in the show ring, Amada will now try her hand at being a mom in the years to come.    

Amada came to Keilen Ranch via Christine Veltheim in Ontario and most of the photos of Amada in the album below belong to Christine. Thanks, Christine!

*Qualified, or ‘Calificado’ Spanish PRE horses are horses than have not only passed the basic breeding evaluation and approval by a Spanish veterinarian, they have passed an intensified screening, an evaluation process, and testing by a Spanish Tribunal which includes critique of conformation, functionality tests, review of performance records, review of health, extensive x-rays, review of reproductive system, etc.



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