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Bella is a beautiful, talented, and exceptional addition to our breeding program.  She is a very well-bred mare from lines that are pretty much non-existent in Canada and  very rare in the US.  Bella is a full-bodied mare with lots of substance, classic Spanish characteristics, great bone, and fantastic bloodlines featuring famed breeders like Escalera, Paco Lazo, Militar, Terry, and Cardenas.

To say that Bella is “a star” couldn’t be more fitting in the true sense of the word - she actually IS a TV show and movie star! Bella was Prince Charming’s horse in the first season of the ABC TV Series “Once Upon a Time” and she was also a stunt horse in the Sony/Tri-Star major motion picture “Pompeii” (starring Kit Harington of ‘Game of Thrones’ and Keifer Sutherland)  

Bella also has had 8 months of professional training and is proficient in basic dressage and has some working cow horse training as well.  She was shown as a weanling at the 2002 Feria Atlanta Show in Atlanta, Georgia, and received first place in her class.  She also was shown in halter in 2005 and 2006 at the Fiesta Florida shows and placed second in her class at both shows.

Bella’s sire, the impressive  Doctor XVI, was a branded Escalera stallion imported from Spain.  Escalera horses have been known to exist in the early 1700’s and these horses are known for their power, strength and trainability.  These traits have made them especially successful in dressage arenas in Spain and Europe.  Escalera horses are modern athletes with the best characteristics of the Spanish horse still evident in their composition.  Doctor won many ribbons and accolades in halter as a young horse while still in Spain and then was exported to the US by Barbara Currie of Oak Hill PRE and stood at stud in Calfornia until his death in 2013.  He was over 16.2hh with extreme beauty, strength and substance.  He was a wonderfully straight mover with great extension and power in his gaits. His coat was inky black and the size and correctness of his bone made him a very special improvement sire for North America.  And on top of all that, he was known as a very kind, gentle, and noble stallion who immensely loved “his people”.

Doctor’s sire, Ganador VIII, although bred by Francisco Lazo Diaz (Paco Lazo), was considered a prolific sire for the famous breeding program of Maria Fernanda de la Escalera de la Escalera.  Among the many well-known and champion Ganador offspring (Dejado II, Enamorado VII, Intrusa II, Ladina…  to name a few), his son, Ermitaño III, stands out among them as he was the first and one of only three stallions currently classified as ‘Reproductor Élite’ in the Spanish Studbook (the other two stallions are Impaciente II and Evento, grandsire of Jibaritas Amada).   

Doctor’s dam, Doctora VI, was by Jecomias, a son of Agente who was considered to be the perfect PRE in his time.  His photos graces the cover of the Spanish studbook of his time which is a huge tribute to his mastering of the breed standard.

Bella’s dam, the beautiful Novelera XXIII, was a stunning and powerful mover with a wonderful temperament.  She was exported to the US from Mexico from the very prestigious breeder, Federico Jimenez Sainz of Hacienda Santa Lucia, and was of pure Cartuja/Bocado lines.  She carried the blood of the breeders Isabel Morello (Terry) and Miguel Ángel de Cárdenas from the famous Cartujano stallions Poseido III, Poseido IV, and Valido.  Novelera  was a kind mare, a good saddle horse, and a good mother that consistently produced tall, elegant, well moving foals and Bella is no exception.

Bella came to Keilen Ranch from the amazing and talented Sally Bishop of Sureshot Productions in Nanton, Alberta.  Some of the photos of Bella in the gallery below belong to Sally, the un-watermarked photos of Bella’s dam, Novelera XXIII, belong to Megan Reed of Lost Art Training in Groveland, Florida, and the ones of Novelera XXIII with watermarks belong to Carien Schippers.   The shots from “Once Upon A Time” are courtesy of ABC and the shots from the movie “Pompeii” are courtesy of Sony/Tri-Star Pictures.

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