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Bella Confianza Incendia FE Jibaritas Amada Magdalena SF Marquesa del Bosque

All of our mares are sired by Champion stallions imported from Spain: Dacio S, Doctor XVI, Gaucho III, Gavilan IV,  Indiano XVIII, and Invasor III.  All of these stallions won titles in their mother country of Spain, where the best of the breed are born and bred, before being exported to North America where they continued to excel in competition or as sires… often as both. Click on each mare’s name or photo for more information.

(Doctor XVI x Novelera XXIII)

(Gavilan IV x Falina CH)

(Invasor III x Jibarita)

(Dacio S x Aurelia A)

(Indiano XVIII x Magdalena SF)

(Gaucho III x Bellisima PMF)

Magdalena SF Marquesa del Bosque Scheherazade HP Incendia FE Jibaritas Amada Bella Confianza