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‘Diva' was born  coal black and a month early.  From the time she first stood up, it was apparent that she felt that she was a princess and should be treated accordingly!  She is slowly greying and will eventually have the same iridescent white coat of both her sire and dam.  The only white marking she has is a small star.

Although she is willing, gentle, and very affectionate like her mom, Diva can really turn it on when she wants to and can put on quite a show!  Diva is turning out to be a real 'heart' horse for me.  She is not only very baroque and beautiful, she is trusting and very loyal.

Diva is the first and only homebred mare I've kept for my broodmare herd - the blood this heavily Bocado/Cartujano bred little girl carries is truly precious.  I also had Diva colour tested and she is heterozygous grey (EE Aa Gg) so can produce non-grey bay and black offspring  ...just an added bonus! 

Diva's sire was the renowned and incomparable 16.1hh stallion, Indiano XVIII, who resided in Gavilan Hills, California, at Blue Moon Ranch until his death in 2012.  Indiano was bred by Don Joaquín Conesa of Nobleza del Guadiana in Spain.  He represented the blood of the Romero Benitez line (both his sire and dam were of that lineage) and through them, he is heavily Bocado/ Cartujano in his origins. Indiano was presented  at six important morphological shows in Spain and won first place, gold medal, and champion of the breed at each one!  And on two occasions, he was supreme champion of functionality as well.  Indiano is an international champion winning Champion of Spain twice and Champion and Best Movement in Mexico as well.  He was owned and loved by the members of the Indiano XVIII Syndicate in the US from 1998-2012.    

Diva's dam is the wonderfully tempered triple registered people-loving mare, Magdalena SF.  Maggie's pedigree is primarily comprised of Cartujano/Bocado lines. The Cartujano/Bocado horse is the prototypical warhorse we all think of when we think of 'Andalusians'.... this line is known for their beauty, their baroqueness, their abundant mane and tail, and their sweet temperaments....all qualities that Maggie undeniably inherited and, by the looks of things, has passed onto her lovely daughter.

Maggie is a rare Dacio S daughter.  He was one of the highest appointed stallions ever exported from Spain and scored 94 points in his evaluation as a 3 year old!  He was a Cartujano/Bocado stallion that came from Pedro Salas' farm in Mallorca, Spain, and was owned by Barbara Currie in the US. 

Maggie's dam, Aurelia A, has Banbury breeding on both sides of her pedigree.  Sally Cleaver of Banbury Cross Farm, a pioneer for the Andalusian breed in North America, bred horses known for their talent, presence, exceptional movement, and classic Spanish type.  Aurelia was the only purebred offspring of her sire, Banbury Nicholas, making Maggie's bloodline even more precious and unique.  Nicholas had a very successful show career and was loved by all who had the pleasure to meet him.

Maggie's Banbury lines are primarily Cartujano/Bocado but also a small amount of  Yeguada Militar and Escalera as well.

Maggie's great-great grandsire is Calleroso de Nevasco on her dam's side.  He is the sire of such notable horses as Recluta II, Lisonjerio III, and Sangria.... dam of Teodoro, the two-time National Champion Stallion.  Caballeroso was a Cartujano/Bocado and Galvez bred stallion.  Galvez horses were originally acquired from Concepcion de la Concha & Sierra, a breeder of fighting bulls established in Spain in the 1800s.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Glenn and Sharon Hittner of Blue Moon Ranch for making my dream of breeding and owning my own Indiano XVIII baby a reality.  I would also like to thank the Indiano XVIII Syndicate members for their generosity in allowing a non-syndicate member to breed to such an amazing stallion!


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