Acquire On The Internet

The board game by Avalon-Hill

Love the game of Acquire?  Want to play it on the Internet?  You've come to the right place! 

NetAcquire is free software that allows you to do just that.  This website contains everything you need to know about NetAcquire including: what it is, how to get and install it, and how to go about getting NetAcquire games going on the Internet. 

This page provides general information about this website, the latest news concerning the NetAcquire software, and links to some other websites related to the game of Acquire.  Use the menu on the left to get into the details of NetAcquire and its use. 

Acquire - The Game

The board game by Avalon-Hill

Acquire is an interesting high-finance board game.  Involved are elements of strategy, some luck, and a little cut-throat instinct as players try to maximize wealth investing in hotel chains. 

The game was developed in 1962 by the legendary game designer Sid Sackson. 

Acquire-Related Web Pages

Here are a few websites related to the boardgame of Acquire. 
Avalon-Hill - The company that markets the Acquire boardgame. 
Sid Sackson - Web page with info about the developer of Acquire (and other games). 
Bob Claster's Acquire Overview - A pretty good description of the game. 
Dan Becker's Review - A description and review of the game.