Perhaps you need these items -- and who can bypass a garage sale eh? Offers or trades/partial-trades welcome of course. Local sale preferred [Calgary, AB] vintage arcade games, photographic equipment, or musical gear of the most interest -- see bottom for *trading ideas* Dollar amounts in Canadian dollars [country code = CAD in most converters] - i.e., cheap! currency.
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Apple ProTower (4-core) (MacPro1,1)
2 x 3.0GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon :: Works great - only posted, since I'd like to get an even faster 6-processor version. Bought it Nov, 2012 - (12GB) to run Aperture and Photoshop. Stock NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card. Runs great, a fair bit zippier than my old 4-core tower. Has dual optical bays - which is a nice feature (that I can't live w/out now), and space for 4 x SATA (3Gb/s) internal drives, currently I've got two 500GB (one boot, one un-used), and a 1.5TB drive, going to use two 120GB SSD drives inside when I get a proper sled (one as boot, one for daily work data) :: FW800 ports on the front and back, as well as FW400 ports front and back too. (pictures to be updated soon - these are from an 8-core (2008 version)

~~ price - 1,200.00 for the tower and the 12GB and 500GB boot drive

Apple G5 tower - molded plastic baffling
the molded plastic baffling from a G5 tower (I have two of them).

~~ price - 15.00 ea

Apple G5 tower - door
the perfect fit door from a G5 tower (I have two - one with some scratches - one near mint) - should also fit the intel ProTowers (I've put a ProTower door on a G5 Tower before).

~~ price - 15.00/20.00 ea

Apple G5 tower - case carcass
A bare G5 tower - just the case, pretty much nothing more than that, includes the door and air baffle - will convert it into a G3 (add G3 parts inside of it) at some point just for the hell of it - no real point to the project, other than the case is über-cool, and a shame to waste it...

~~ price - 60.00

This is the follow up to SONY's first DVD player the DVP-S7000. It features a very robust transport with two discrete laser pickups. One is optimized for reading CD's and the second for DVD's. The disk tray is concealed behind a very cool motorized sliding panel that houses rudimentary transport controls and the VFD display. As a CD player it is a very solid unit, it produces a detailed and tonally balanced sound. The chassis is copper plated throughout. All output RCA jacks are gold plated, as well as the 1/4" headphone jack (with volume control). It has two sets of gold plated analog audio outputs, as well as a coaxial and optical digital outputs. It readily plays red book CDs, video CDs, it will also pass DTS encoded CD audio to an external DTS decoder (via digital out). People have used it as a CD transport feeding a DAC. One feature I particularly enjoy is the resume feature. Pressing stop during playback allows to resume at a later time even if the deck has been turned off (an automatic bookmark). Video section is fully functional and allows full access to configuration / diagnostic menu (ie. display dimming) using the remote control  Sony dvp-s7700 cd / dvd player. Aluminum front panel, bmc honey comb base / tray, high - carbon isolator feet, multiple playback speed available in forwards & reverse, dts dolby pro - logic, dolby digital (ac-3), component video out x 1, s-video out x 2, digital out (optical) connector, s-link connector, audio / video line out x 2, weight 15 lb 7 oz. Nice shape, note : don't have the remote

~~ price - 100.00

3.6 Volt 1/2 AA Cell (ER3STC)
Had some extra (out at the moment) - used in most Apple Macintosh computers in the past decade - very hard to find locally, especially at such a nice price!

~~ price 15.50 ea (currently out of stock - February, 25th., 2011)

Apple MacBook Pro 15" and 17" (parts only)
Have some extra parts, like the upper case (MacBook Pro 15" Upper Case) and lower case (MacBook Pro 15" Lower Case) and MacBook Pro 17" Upper Case, MacBook Pro 17" Lower Case, MacBook Pro 17" Keyboard, will be listing them on eBay soon - a few keyboard layers and cases - parts untested, found another site that sells them used for 299.95 USD here, and the MacBook Pro 15" Lower Case for the same - 239.95 USD here, MacBook Pro 15" Keyboard for 120 USD here, MacBook Pro 17" Upper Case for 300 USD here, MacBook Pro 17" Lower Case for 300 USD here, MacBook Pro 17" Keyboard for 120 USD here but out of stock.

~~ price 30.00 ea

Apple MacBook 13" (white) (parts only)
Have some extra parts, like the keyboard (upper case with keyboard - the whole deal : Includes keyboard, palmrest area, trackpad, trackpad cable, and power button.) and back [MacBook Lower Case (White)] listed some on eBay - a few keyboard layers and cases - parts untested. Found another site that sells the keyboards used (but tested) for 150 USD, but they are out of stock when I checked, and the back are 90 USD.

~~ price 12.50 ea / individual keys - 95c each (let me know which ones you'd like)

Apple MacBook 13" (black) (parts only)
Have some extra keyboards (upper case with keyboard - the whole deal : Includes keyboard, palmrest area, trackpad, trackpad cable, and power button.) - I have one complete keyboard that is french too - have listed some of them on eBay - a few keyboard layers - parts untested. Found another site that sells the keyboards used (but tested) for 249.95 USD.

~~ price 15.00 ea / individual keys - 1.25 each (let me know which ones you'd like)

Apple MacBook two prong adapter (part)
Untested - extra for a power supply brick

~~ price 4.00

Apple eMac G4/900MHz (Tray Loading - White) - 1GB RAM

Works fine (except does seem to have a sleeping issue [does not wake from sleep], and will only warm-boot which I have not been able to resolve, so I cannot automate it to start + shut-down for torrenting) - no keyboard or mouse - monitor was a bit fuzzy before replacing the fan, seems much clearer now (when on high speed - added a variable knob to tune it down to quiet), missing the clear plexi stand - upgraded the stock 40GB drive to a 250GB one (split into a 45GB boot partition and a 187GB data section) - nice for torrenting - and it's got the combo mech (CD-RW/DVD-ROM and will play movie DVDs) - not positive [at the moment] what the model # is - as I don't see "900MHz" on everymac - perhaps it was under or over clocked, or there were a few flavors, or this is a Canadian version, as it has an NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics card in it (pushes 1280x960), and only has USB 1.1 ports, but FireWire as well :: currently has the latest Leopard version OS 10.5.8 on it. Upgraded the OS - Aug 31, 2009 :: PC133 SD-RAM :: PowerMac4,4 :: can push an external monitor and use dual displays apparently (I don't have a monitor adapter, nor have I done the free s/w mod that is available online - Screen Spanning Doctor) :: Has Firewire ports, so transfering data is nice to another system (with Target Firewire), and this was probably the last of this line to allow booting os9 :: External Specs :: case is scratched up a bit :: I did a crazy Frankenstein mod on it, to reduce the fan noise (which is so much nicer now), and added two metal handles to the sides to make it easier to move :: will post some pictures posted March 14th., 2011

~~ price 145.00

Apple eMac G4/1.25GHz (Tray Loading - White) - 1GB RAM

Works fine - no keyboard or mouse, didn't have a drive, I added an 80GB drive it has a dual (CD-RW/DVD-R). External Specs :: case is scratched up a bit, and has a crack in the front right bottom but looks pretty good

~~ price - 200, or with a 400GB drive, for 275.00 (kinda painful to change it)

mac mini G4/1.5GHz - 1GB RAM

Works fine - no keyboard or mouse, 110GB hard drive it has a DVD-R burner inside. External Specs :: currently my GarageBand recording system, for 7-track recording :: I can add in a "mini-stack" - a matching case that has space for a full-sized (and faster IDE) drive (500GB) which gives you a bunch more Firewire ports, and USB ports, and lets you use 3.5" hard drives (faster, cheaper) vs, the laptop sized drives they use in the minis ... for 425.00.

~~ price - 325, or with a 500GB drive, for 425.00

Apple iMac G3/500 (Early 2001 - Blue) - 768MB RAM
Works fine - with original keyboard and mouse. External Specs :: case is scratched up ::

~~ price - sold - Feb 7, 2010

Apple iMac G3/350 (Slot Loading - Blueberry) - 128MB RAM
Works fine - with original keyboard and mouse. External Specs :: mouse not shown (but available) :: more pictures here :: installed a fresh battery in Jan, 2008 :: being used currently as an audio recording (idea) station - using a JVC cassette deck with independant level controlled 1/4" microphone inputs, patched into the mac's audio in - boots up in 50 seconds (in OS9.1).

~~ price 95.00 w/stock 6GB drive - upgraded to a 80GB w/OSX 9.1 and 10.4.11 and 768MB of RAM - 150.00 - currently on loan

Apple iMac G3/350 (Slot Loading - Blueberry) - 384MB RAM
Works fine - with original keyboard and mouse. External Specs :: case is scratched up, and the ram latch is missing :: being used as an audio recording (idea) station - using a JVC cassette deck with independant level controlled 1/4" microphone inputs, patched into the mac's audio in - installed ProTools LE (v5.0.1), and it will do at least 4-track recording (all that I've tried so far) in two passes - record guitar, then vocals, then bongos, etc...

~~ price 85.00 w/stock 6GB drive - upgraded to a 80GB w/OSX 9.1 and 10.4.11 and 384MB of RAM - 120.00

Apple iMac - Bondi Blue - G3/233MHz - 96MB RAM
Works fine - with original keyboard and mouse. External Specs :: recently set it up to record audio (cassette tape digitization station).

~~ price 65.00 w/stock 4GB drive - upgraded to a 20GB and 256MB of RAM - 90.00

Apple Power Macintosh G3 266 All-in-One
Works fine - w/keyboard and mouse, stock 4GB drive External Specs :: case is scratched up a bit, but looks pretty good ::

~~ price 75.00

Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 Desktop (Beige)
Works fine - w/keyboard and mouse, upgraded 40GB drive External Specs :: case is decent :: runs OS 9.2.1 and OSX 10.1.5, upgraded the ram from 384MB to 512MB :: has an M Audio card (left and right audio in and out as well as 9pin midi, and a USB PCI card - and Cubasis s/w.

~~ price 95.00

Apple iMac G3/400 DV (Slot Loading - Green/Lime Green) - upgraded to half a GB (512MB) RAM
Works fine - with original keyboard (no mouse tho), has and boots into OS 9.2.1 to run ProTools Free (5.0.1) as well as OSX 10.4.11, just to run the screen saver, which works perfect. External Specs :: was setup as a bit torrent machine in the past :: added a fresh battery January, 2009.

~~ price 110.00 w/upgraded 20GB drive - upgraded to an 80GB w/OSX 10.4.11 only install - 155.00

Apple iMac G3/400 DV Special Edition (Slot Loading - graphite and ice) - upgraded to half a GB (512MB) RAM
Works fine - no keyboard or mouse - the bottom cover was missing - and I've replaced it with a Tangerine version, added OSX 10.4.11 to it, just to run the screen saver, which works well. External Specs :: added a fresh battery March 6, 2008.
~~ price 110.00

Power Mac 7100/66AV
Works fine - keyboard/mouse - probably has OS9.1 on it / 48MB of ram / two graphics ports (one on a card) - has AV in and out (S-Video) External Specs :: could add a fresh battery (see elsewhere on this page).
~~ price 12.00

Mac SE - (2MB) RAM
Works fine - OS6.x on it External Specs :: loaded with games
~~ price 9.50

Compaq 9.1GB Wide Ultra3 SCSI (LVD) drives
No way to test, pulled from a server. These were a matching set of 10,000 RPM drives - don't have an ultra SCSI card to test 'em - drives say they are "SCSI ULTRA160/LVD/SE". Comes with matching quick-swap trays.

~~ price 2.00 ea

Williams (1982) Sinistar project (joystick, converted control panel, bezel glass art and marquee)
Decided to bail on the stock Sinistar project - I'll keep the cabinet, as it now runs a bunch of my favorite Williams games : Robotron, Defender, Stargate and Joust. I've got all the parts except for the CPU board and CPO artwork, althought I must have the original ROM board around here somewhere :: For sale as a whole set, or in parts : working 49-way WICO leaf joystick (fresh leafs), marquee, glass bezel art (some paint was removed because of a cabinet conversion, but it still looks very good) are up for sale..., take it off my hands before I come to my senses. I got the joystick off of eBay, which was missing the ball head, so I fabricated a replacement out of wood (bought a pre-made sphere at a craft shop), and bought a set screw - feels nice - pictures up when I can get to it (which really means, ask me otherwise hell might freeze over before that happens). Most of these pieces are typically rare, expensive and hard to find. A few people are fabricating nice reproduction handles, probably have a thread or link saved out if you need it.

~~ price = 200.00 ... as is ... for the Sinistar part set... will have to check what I paid for them - ask or trade for other game manuals, Jamma boards, dead cabinets, marquee art, control panels...

Escape From Mars (Lunar Rescue bootleg)
Very rare old coin-op game from the late 70s (so rare, I've only found one reference to it online) - pretty fun - kind of a cross between Lunar Lander, Asteroids and Space Invaders all rolled into one. The game uses a B&W monitor with colored strip overlays [common for games of that era, like Space Invaders, etc.] Cabinet is an upright style with a two-way leaf joystick and one leaf button for game controls, plus two small Bakelite buttons for 1/2 player selection. Has a coin slot, but the mechanism was removed. Currently set with a free play button to credit the board. This game was rented out to a movie crew for a film shoot awhile back (Brokeback Mountain), so I guess that makes it famous... Last time I'd seen one was in the late 70s up in Edmonton, AB in an arcade when I was a kid. // doing some research I stumbled on what looks like a color version of this game made by Taito called Lunar Rescue. Retouched the cabinet :: Aug, 2007, looks nice :: images, what it looked like when I bought it (pre-restored)

~~ price = sold - Oct, 2009

Space Invaders (upright cabinet) | Bally/Midway, 1978
Fairly rare vintage coin-op game from 1978 - see more pictures and description posted here. This is a game that you have just got to see this in person - backlit and reflected (semi-silvered mirror) display - very trippy! - pictures show the stock condition, a brand new (New Old Stock) Control Panel metal overlay (not the cheap stickers) was installed, and the Braze upgrade kit has been added as well. Lots of fun!

~~ price = w/upgrade kit (and CPO) $1,650.00

Street Fighter II
Working JAMMA board and marquee - taken out of a working cabinet (the monitor was pulled), but I hooked it up in my Tetris Jamma cabinet recently [31.01.06] and had a few games (still played with only one button), where the SFII has six. Pictures available of the board, and game screens. Will post more [time permitting] - or just ask [that will get it done!]

~~ price = sold - Jan, 2010

Disney Tetris (Japanese version) Jamma PCB [Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey]
Brand new JAMMA board, manual and cabinet graphics - only pulled out of the packaging to test it in my regular Atari Tetris Jamma cabinet [Feb, 2006] and had a few games (still played with only one button), where the Disney version has two. Pictures available of the board, and game screens. Will post some [time permitting] - or just ask [that will get it done!]. The graphics are very beautiful and there is animation everywhere (of course, it's from Disney what else would you expect? - click on the Disney link to see the KLOV page on it) - if I could read Japanese maybe it would be more fun! Actually, there is so much sound and animation, I felt like I was stoned - playing my regular original Atari version (which I like better for some reason) right after felt like going back to the 50s or something. You can pick two different games, and pick from four different Disney characters to play with/against.

~~ price = 85.00 obo / LNIB or trade for other Jamma boards, dead cabinets, marquee art, control panels...

Pac-man manual - Midway's Pac-Man parts and Operating Manual
New quality reprint. Bought this off a dealer in the US in late 2005, so that I could work on my Pac-man, and subsequently I've obtained a nice original version, so I don't need this anymore. I just double checked it with my original tonight [April 9th., 2006], and indeed, the reprint version could actually be considered superior - they did a nice job in tweaking the contrast and detail of the murky original printed version. Have no fear! Wouldn't have believed it, without seeing it with my own anal eyes folks! / This is the December, 1980 version - has a colorized cover where the real original is B&W.

~~ price = 14.00 or trade for other game manuals, Jamma boards, dead cabinets, marquee art, control panels...

Rampart manual - Universal Kit Installation Instructions
Insides near new - outside cover had some kind of coffee ? spilled on it :: TM-359 1st printing.

~~ price = 14.00 or trade for other game manuals, Jamma boards, dead cabinets, marquee art, control panels...

SONY Trinitron (Dell branded) UltraScan 1600HS (21" flat CRT monitor)
Works very nice up to 1600x1200, and all the way down to 640x480. Has BNC (R, G, B, HD, VD) and HD15 inputs on the back (cords all removable) - very sweet monitor! / Ser: 2763562 / manufactured May, 1998 / Series Model:D1626HT /

Blurb :: The Dell UltraScan D1626HT 1600 Series was designed to accommodate a wide variety of users ranging from home and small offices to large corporate environments. The Dell UltraScan DT1626HT 1600HS offers good value across the board, with solid performance. Built around a Sony Trinitron tube, the Dell UltraScan D1626HT 1600HS is intended for graphical and detailed imaging applications. It shows excellent image regulation and focus, and the text is crisp and easy to read. The on-screen menus are user-friendly as well. Without doubt the 1600HS is a steady and predictable performer! Those who require exceptional quality and reliability at an affordable price will appreciate the value that the Dell D1626HT 1600 Series delivers.

Key details :: Monitor Type : CRT / Size : 21 inch / Contrast Ratio : 200:1 / Max. Resolution : 1600 x 1200 / Brightness : 110 cd/m

Technical Specifications :: 21" CRT Plug & Play ( 19.8 " Viewable ) PC & MAC Compatible Ultra Fine 0.25 mm Dot Pitch Aperture Grill Sony True Trinitron Tube 1600 X 1200 Maximum Resolution Horizontal Scan: 31.5 KHz To 106.3 KHz Vertical Scan: 60 Hz To 85 Hz Complete On Screen Digital Menu Controls Monitor Power Cord And Video Cable Included Monitor Dimensions: 20.0" (H) x 19.6" (W) X 18.87" (D) Monitor Weight: 69 lbs.
external reference link (specs) ~~ price = 10.00

External Mediastore case

Case for a 5.25 inch SCSI device (used for a CD-R drive) - very nice unit, but my burner wore out - pictures show a burner, but that was thrown away (got flakey on me!).
~~ price 25.00 / paid "200.00"

Wacom (artZII), 6x8" ADB tablet
Wacom (artZII), 6x8" ADB tablet w/erasing ultrapen
~~ price 35.00 / paid "500.00"

Pinnacle MO drive (ext) 230MB 3.5" cartridges

Palm sync cord
Pinnacle MO drive (external) [230MB 3.5" cartridges], SCSI-II interface – still beats those flaky zip drives! - Many carts available - used for recording 44.1k audio and backups.
~~ price 25.00 obo

ZIP - SCSI internal drive
Used in an 8600/200 machine, pulled it to install an IDE drive - comes with the regular internal power adapter cable.
~~ price 2.00 obo

Apple Macintosh Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE-T card
Apple Macintosh PCI card - pulled from a working G3/266AV desktop machine that I'm using for something else, so this could be put to better use.
~~ price 2.00 / obo / trade

Apple Macintosh SCSI cable
Apple Macintosh SCSI cable SCSI I (50pin) to Apple SCSI (25pin) 3.5' length.
~~ price 2.00 / obo

Duodisk double floppy drive (slim-line) mechanism to be placed below a monitor, etc. - Model Number A9M0108 / Serial Number 402041 - designed for the apple // line - takes a 25 pin (DBS I think it says on it - very small writing, hard to see) connector - untested, not sure if I have a cable for it or not.
~~ price 7.50

disk ][
disk ][ regular floppy drive mechanism. - Model Number A2M0003 / Serial Number 1123644 - designed for the apple // line.
~~ price 5.00

Atari SM124 monochrome monitor
Monochrome monitor for the old ST line - I don't have much use anymore for it - my color one died awhile back, and I'd like to swap this for a color version if possible. Manufactured July, 1985. :: packed up it's 20 lbs, and the last time I checked [27.08.2008] it was minimum 50.00 to ship it via Canada post, or UPS to zip code 30033 from here, so pick it up in person :)

~~ price swap for a color version - or 25.00 obo

Palm sync cord

Palm sync cord
I have one of the original palm device sync cords (sold off the palm) - so I don't have a use for it anymore. 9pin serial on one end, and a flat 10-pin thingy on the other. I used this since I didn't have a cradle for it - works perfectly.
~~ price 3.50 obo

Palm RAM

I still have a 1MB or 2MB - circa 1997 (can't remember what size it was sold off the palm) module for the original palm(s) up for grabs if it will do anyone any good [to resurrect an ailing palm pilot.
~~ price 2.50 obo

128K ROM's for a Mac Plus
Older 68000 flavor Macintosh ROM chips purchased to be used in a Spectre GCR cartridge on an Atari machine to allow you to run Mac B+W applications on the Atari's 68000 architecture, but with a larger B+W monitor (physical size and resolution). Would consider parting with a 1040 STE machine if needed.

**could of course be used in a suitable macintosh.**
These ROM's are brand-spankin' new!

Note: these were pretty hard to come-by, since at the time (way before Mac clones were even considered) it was illegal/semi illegal to sell them.
Can also be used by : Gemulator Pro
~~ price 10.00 obo / new 260.00 US

SOFTIMAGE|3D v2.65 Manual Set
Why not have an extra set to browse at home with? Good for those late-night reads. Still in the shrinkwrap! Mint-in-box [box = 26x28x39cm]
~~ price 15.00 / new "lots"

IBM Selectric Courier 12 Ball Head
IBM Selectric Type Elements 12 Pitch Courier 88 Character
~~ price 30.00 / new "90.00"

Bowens Illumitran 3S
[inter-neg/Slide/Negative duplicator]
(sold late Nov, 2007 with a Rodenstock lens) -

Canon AE-1 Bowens Illumitran adapter still available for 15.00 - very rare

Arriflex 16 S
[Arriflex 16 box] [Arriflex side & inside] [Arriflex 16 3/4-front] [Arriflex 16 3/4-rear]
[Arriflex 16 3/4-above] [Arriflex 16 case full] [Arriflex 16 case no body] [Arriflex 16 accessories]
Circa 1955 - 16mm cine camera bought to do single frame animation, so it comes with an intervalometer controller [pretty rare, and of course hard to find] (Arriflex: stop motion control console - 339-339B Model No. DOM - Ser: C-146B), angle finder (Periscope viewer - Ser: No. 1484), and single frame motor. Capping shutter (Arriflex Capping shutter - No 373), three lenses - 16mm (Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon 1:2/16 - Ser: 6151307), 25mm (Schneider-Kreuznach Arriflex-Cine-Xenon 1:1,4/25 - Ser: 7728671), 50mm (Schneider-Kreuznach Arriflex-Cine-Xenon 1:2/50 - Ser: 9065702) - filters, bellows (matte box), two regular motors (variable speed), 4 reels, battery belt pack (all visible in the accessories image), photocopied manual as well as a photocopied textbook excerpt describing it's usage... Comes with the original metal storage case (hammered aluminum to reflect the heat of the sun) - it's patented rim ensures that the case is hermetically sealed against dust and moisture - measuring 15x9x8" - Somewhere I also have a real original manual too that ARRI graciously sent us a few years back. The system was gone over by a professional tech in Montreal shortly after we acquired it. Larger pictures available on request - these are 1/1 and 1/4 rez [thumbnail] versions of 150dpi scans.
~~ price 4,650.00 - obo

Gossen Sixticolor color meter

Picked up a Gossen Sixticolor color meter - for digital use (always wanted one for film, and it just seems so much more useful with digital), and thought I'd offer it out as a rental option - The Gossen Sixticolor Light Meter measures color temperatures from 2,600 - 20,000K in daylight or tungsten. Includes memory needle lock and leather case - day rate: 25.00 (deposit required).

~~ price - sold

Lastolite Professional Tri-Flector II

Bought this specifically for a private college portrait shoot, June 2008, and thought I'd offer it out after as a rental option - The standard Silver/White panels - works wonders - amazing really what you can accomplish with one flash or softbox to bounce or directly flood a panel - day rate: 45.00 (reflectors and light stand) (deposit required) - see here for more details.

~~ price - half-day rate rental :: 30.00

Minolta Body Cap - Translucent

Minolta MAXXUM translucent camera body cap - friction-fits together with the LR-1000 or camera body - only one available - picture just illustrates both sides.
~~ price 2.00 - obo

Manfrotto Auto Dolly #057 (Bogen 3056)
A three legged dolly to hold a Manfrotto (Bogen) tripod, and allow you to move the whole unit in a studio setting [the wheels don't have much clearance, so it can't be used outdoors] 2.85Kg. - works quite nice on polished concrete.
Single lever bracking system controls all three 60mm wheels. Ideal for the studio, it also has 3/8" attachment on the centre spider allowing positioning of a head for low angle shooting. / Features a one-touch central pedestal which can lock or release all three wheels. When the pedal is lifted, cam action raises
the wheels free off the ground, and the weight of the dolly and tripod rest on separate feet. Has 2" Shephard casters. Accepts
tripods with 19" (48cm) radius. Disassembles easily into three pieces, the largest being 28" (579cm). (similar, but newer) (B&H link)
~~ price 95.00 - or make me an offer/trade...

B+W Dark Red Filter Coated
B+W Dark Red Filter Coated - 72mm diameter. Codes : B+W 72E 091 (29) 8x. LNIB - I've only used it a handful of times, and sold off my 72mm WA zoom ta boot. (adorama link for other details)
The use of this filter gives a surrealistic effect in landscape and architectural photography by producing a "storm-like" cloud effect, "moonlight" effect, and "wood" effect. It is indispensable for tonal separation in still-life photography and for the reproduction of documents which have become illegible.
~~ price 30.00 or trade for another color.

B+W square plastic cases
The silver boxes with poly-cases. I've got three 49mm and two 55mm sizes left - the filters themselves were stolen.
~~ price - 2.00 and 2.50 ea. respectively.

Lowpro Orion 1

AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

Lowepro Orion 1 dark grey large-ish fanny-pack-type bag. Has straps on the bottom to carry a tripod, 3 elastic holders for film sewn into the top (underside), zippered, four velcro deviders, a nice wide black easy-clip adjustable strap -- and a tiny zippered compartment on each side of the strap - I assumed to hold a roll of film. Can also be carried over the shoulder (that's how I like it best).
~~ price 25.00 / 75.00 new (obo - flexible on this price) or trade for another bag.

Logan Slide File No. 215 For 2 x 2" Slides (regular 35mm slide mounts)
Logan Electric Slide File #215 For 2 x 2" Slides - Plastic Tray, Single Latch on Box - They hold 750 regular slides, or 375 glass mounted ones - some boxes, the cardboard is baby blue, others are tan - same product, inserts are yellowish. I've got 20 of these left (gone to another system) - in great shape, w/original cardboard boxes for each - B&H has them for 27.95 (USD) / Saneal Camera [had them] here in Calgary - selling them for 54.99 ea!

~~ price - 27.00 ea obo (CAD) / 15.00 ea (USD), or trade

M a n u a l s
Highlight and shadow control card

AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

Case - hard jewel case with inset foam to hold the card. [Mint] large instruction sheet with diagrams and B&W half tone reproductions illustrating the different effect (cover illustrates two scenarios in color) English, Spanish, French and German versions.
~~ price - 4.50


AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

[Mint] 114 page instruction manual with diagrams and B&W half tone reproductions illustrating the different features and scenarios - French version.
~~ price - 15.00

Maxxum/Dynax 9xi

AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

[Mint] 78 page instruction manual with diagrams and B&W half tone reproductions illustrating the different features and scenarios - French version. Condition : 10
~~ price - 12.00

5400HS program flash
[LN] 54 page instruction manual with line-drawing diagrams explaining all the features and B&W half tone reproductions illustrating the picture conditions - German (Bedienungsanleitung) and French (Mode d'emploi) versions. Condition : 10
~~ price - 7.50

Maxxum AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 | 35-80/4-5.6 | 70-210/3.5-4.5 | 35-105/3.5-4.5 | 80-200/4.5-5.6
11x17 fold-out page instruction manual with line-drawing diagrams explaining all the features English/French version (double sided). Condition : 6
~~ price - 3.00

Maxxum AF 24/2.8 | 50/1.7 | 28/2.8 | 135/2.8 | 50/1.4

B o x e s

Minolta Maxxum AF 100/2.8 macro box
AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

The box itself and poly-styro packing materials - missing the top (fold-over lid). Condition : 7
~~ price - 3.00

Minolta Maxxum AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box
AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 box

The box itself w/English and French manual, and poly-styro packing materials - missing the top (fold-over lid). Condition : 7
~~ price - 5.00

Minolta Maxxum AF AA battery pack BP-9xi box

AF 16/2.8 fish-eye box

The box itself and packing materials. Condition : 4.5
~~ price - 2.25

Argus 500 Slide Projector

BRAUN Hobby 17BC flash
Old manual everything "Argus 500 Electromatic" slide projector, Model 58, a 4 inch, f/3.3 lens | straight tray (one included) - added a brand-new bulb (March 2003) which cost me 46.00.
~~ price - a steal at 48.00, obo

BRAUN Hobby 17BC flash

BRAUN Hobby 17BC flash
Old manual flash with an automatic setting - single contact type - no idea what gear it works with, but it did correctly expose images on the Holga I had, but I sold that in 2001 - so this is collecting dust.
~~ price - 5.00, obo

Pana-Vue Automatic
Pana-Vue Automatic - It's a 35mm slide viewer with gravity-feed on the left, and gravity pull-out catch tray on the right - small bulb, and accessory wall plug (Transformer with 10ft cord [3m] No. 2052) included - or can take two D-size batteries. Nicely designed compact little viewer. Gotta have one!
~~ price - 4.00 / new 50.00, obo

3/4" video tapes
About a half dozen tapes of various lengths (20min, 30min), some used "lightly", some never touched (most SONY, some Fuji). Plus another set of masters for 3.00 ea.
~~ price - trade for similar BETACAM SP tapes, or see below

VK-800 (Control L - Remote) cord
VK-800 Connecting cord, Control L terminal -to- Remote terminal. Used for connecting the EV-S800/EV-S850PS 8mm/Hi8 machine to a video camera recorder or equivalent. Connecting cord for synchro edit. Used once -- didn't need it for my machines tho.
~~ price 15.00, or see below (5.00 at the garage sale)

Liberation Moog synth (key-tar)

drum/keyboard stand pad & stand

A nice vintage Liberation Moog unearthed from dry-storage (since around 1987) :: shot 01.04.2008 :: cleaned up :: series of 56 images posted 06.04.2008 ::

My brother is a professional musician, so I'd imagine that he did a few gigs around Calgary, AB with it (circa 1983-1987) - then went down to California to study music there, and it's been in storage ever since.

No case came with it, don't know what the story was there. There is a separation of the wood seen in picture 5 (near the neck), and a triangle plate seems to be missing from the far right side of the keyboard module seen in picture 23 (on my site).

I play rhythm guitar in a garage band, and unfortunately do not play keyboards or synth, but I tried out every key, and function and they all seem to work as expected. My brother fully restored a Mini Moog as well around the same time, so I'm sure if there were any niggles with this piece he would have restored it as well - he's an anal sort like me.

All that comes with it - is shown in these pictures - more detailed image sequences can be seen on my website :: If you'd like to see higher rez versions, just send me an email.

I'll be happy to try and answer any and all questions, but note that I'm getting ready for a photo trip, and will be out of town in Early June. Local pickup is encouraged, or I might be able to bring this with me on [said] trip to Vancouver, BC, via plane. Otherwise I'll have to build a wooden box for shipping...

Not too many of these around, the few that I've seen on eBay have gone in the 2,000.00 dollar range - don't delay, grab it today!

I think my brother said, Bob Moog designed the keyboard section to be as heavy as a vintage Gibson Les Paul - that's why the power supply is in the rack mount piece.

A bit of history on it online :

~~ price - 1,100.00

Drum-pad or Keyboard stand (used with a Roland pad-8 seen in the second picture)

drum/keyboard stand pad & stand

Collapsible stand - for a keyboard or drum-machine or what-ever will fit. It was originally used with a Roland pad-8 seen in the second picture, but I sold that off in the second week in August, 2003 and don't have a use for this anymore.
~~ price - 10.00

Panasonic LX-101CA Multi-disc Laser Disc player

Plays CDs fine - finally tested it with a laser disc xmas-2009.

Details: VHF in/out (coax) / s-video out, video 1+2 out, ausio out 1+2 (Digital/analog) / removable AC cord / channel selector 3 or 4 switch, maufactured Oct, 1992 / headphone jacks (1/4") with variable volume dial, jog dial, Digital TBC & 3-line digital YC processor, MASH digital audio.
~~ price - 25.00 - obo/trade

Sony Beta Hi-Fi Processor HFP-100

This was matted with the SL-HFR70 (mono SuperBeta) - Circa 1986 - black model - which I threw away, so I don't have a unit to verify condition.

~~ price - 10.00 - obo/trade

AKAI AM-U55 Integrated Amplifier

Nice amp in good cosmetic and working condition.

~~ price - 55.00 - obo/trade

AKAI AP-Q55 turntable

cartridge, weight and cover remain, rest was recycled (March, 2008) - cover has numerous visible scratches.

~~ price - 20.00 - obo/trade

Kenwood Stereo Receiver KR-3400

Nice amp in decent cosmetic and working condition.

~~ price - 40.00 - obo/trade

harman/kardon hk 503 (pieces) - DC Coupled Ultrawideband Integrated Amplifier

Was a nice amp in good cosmetic condition, recycled the rest, kept the knobs, levers and brushed side pieces.

~~ price - 25.00 - obo/trade

Yamaha RX-450 Receiver (knobs only)

Black amp in good cosmetic condition, recycled the rest, kept the knobs, levers.

~~ price - 10.00 - obo/trade


SONY TCD-5M Stereo 1/8" Cassette // The Sony TCD-5M - people liked it mostly for its universal media - the analog cassette - which is available almost everywhere in the world and very steady. It's a stereo recorder, providing separate level displays, choice of four tape types, releasable limiter and noise reducer (Dolby B), inertial wheel speed stabilization, 1/4" jack unbalanced mike inputs, built-in monitor speaker. In brief, it's a sturdy, easy to use device. Note : it does not provide confidence monitoring (it has only one head for recording and playback). Takes 2x "D" sized batteries (not included), or the supplied AC adapter. msrp was $899.95 on these - size - 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 6 5/8" (237 x 48 x 168mm) - weight - 3 lbs. 12 oz. (1.7kg). SONY specs | review (includes manual pdf links)

~~ rental price - 30.00 - day, or 60.00 w/2 Realistic (Crown endorsed) PZM microphones / purchase price - give me an offer, or trade idea

Sears Electronics : RE-1209

Sears Electronics : Model : RE-1209 FM / AM / Multiplex Receiver 8 Track / Cassette Stereo Recorder. Has 1/8" L+R mic inputs, and RCAs on the back for all the hookups. Ooooh, a vintage 8-track cassette recorder... / works as far as I can tell - still have not come across a pair of RCA jack speakers to give it a true whirl tho / boxed it might come to about 21x14x10 inches, and seems to weigh in at 19lbs itself, so another bit of what-ever for box and packing material.
~~ price - 5.00 - obo/trade

50's style table and matching chairs

50's style rocker - 3/4 50's style rocker - back 3/4

Vintage 1950-60's era kitchen table and chair set + rocker. Pull-out leaf is ingeniously stored inside the table - pull the table apart, and the two pieces swing up, close it back together, and you are in business again - nothing to store elsewhere or loose. Covering is orange with stud-tacks. The [six] regular chairs [seats part only] were reupholstered in 2005. People always comment favorably on this set. Before I only had the rocker shown here – since I couldn't find anyone to help me lug everything into my yard, more shots are available. Dimensions of the table without the leaf: 36" wide x 54" long x 29" high (approximate)
~~ price 1,850.00

Wurlitzer Funmaker II Special D-20 Organ
Wurlitzer, organ & bench, w/two keyboards, mahogany finish, good appearance. Features: Upper Sustain, Swingin' Rhythm, Automatic Tone Controls, Clear Control, Vari-Voice Group, Swingin' Rhythm and Programmed Rhythm Orchestra Controls, Lower Sustain, Keyboard Balance, Full octave of foot pedals, Expression Pedal with Slide, headphone jack. A couple keys (sometimes) don't always make a sound 100 percent (probably needs their contacts cleaned). Comes with the original manual in four languages, and a Wurlitzer Organ course book. Larger pictures available - email me! Asking 350.00 obo. This piece has been loaned to a friend.

Hammond Commodore right 3/4 view (top) Hammond Commodore right 3/4 view (full w/foot pedals)
Hammond Commodore left 3/4 view (top) Hammond Commodore left 3/4 view (full w/foot pedals)
~~ price - 350.00 obo

50 cent pieces
[50 cent piece]
Un-circulated 50 cent pieces. 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 years. Will trade for other years, or US equivalents. Note they are not easily obtainable in any other way, except to buy a "set" from the post office or mint, which would be way more expensive than two-buks. . .
~~ price 1.00 each or 20 dollars for a whole roll (25 coins per roll).

Iwata RG-2 airbrush

RG-2 in box PC-61 cup

RG-2 (right side) RG-2 (left side)
A great airbrush for larger work or heavier materials,
in LNIB condition - only blew some black ink through it to test it when I go it - never had a compressor that had enough PSI to push this baby. I bought it to do a mural in Vancouver, but the order took six months longer than anticipated to arrive (the brush), and the gig obviously didn't pan out because of that, but I thought I'd use it anyhow. Twelve years later, I think the answer is "nope". Images show a standard quick release thread attached.
~~ price - Colours Artist Supplies (formally Nordraft Art) says they go for 495.00 CND (347.00 USD) gimme an offer close to 325.00 and this baby is yours for sure... / listed for 480.00 at Currys too.

Paasche - single action

single action

A standard hobby-type airbrush with cup or bottle-feed, again I haven't used it in ages. I've got a number of large suction cups for it when I was doing window graphics and starting out in airbrushing. Circa 1984/85
~~ price - 42.00 - cheap - or gimme an offer

Iwata HP-C airbrush


A great airbrush,
but I don't have a lot of need
for the large cup size at the moment (used to though). Would like to swap for an HP-B (tiny cup), or HP-A (cut-out slot type) instead.
~~ price 175.00 or swap (see description above)


An ionizer called "The Collector" - made by Zestron Inc. - Campbell, CA. I purchased it new from River City Graphics in CA - in 1993 to use in my airbrushing space, but I've never really had a great space to airbrush in since the late 80s, and I can't forsee that changing anytime soon. So another item up for grabs. : Condition 10 (LNIB) with manual.
It has a column with a dial to set the level and a removeable base (corded) - both black, and easy to wipe clean.
~~ price 135.00 (new 132.45 USD) obo

Litho Crayon
The fabulous "William Korn's Litho Crayon No5. Haven't even tore back a layer on it. Nothin' better for you and your litho stone.
~~ price 3.00 / new 8.00

Mercury Electric Eraser

Used by architects, engineers, draftsmen, secretaries and artists. ...it's automatic. No buttons. No switches. (blurb from the box). This is a stubby-palm-type, not the unweild-ie baton-type (like the Koh-I-Noor 2800E which costs about 130.00). Works fine, but I don't do that much "traditional" work anymore, and it's been kicking around my studio in it's original box.
~~ price 45.00

KORG GT-60X Guitar Tuner

1/4" input and bypass jacks.
~~ price ?.00 obo (new ?)

CARTIER watch "knock-off"

A Cartier knock-off watch, bought on the friendly streets of New York City. Needs a new battery. Yours for only 5 buks!
~~ price 5.00 obo

Solina Quartz watch
[Solina watch closeup]




[Solina watch closeup][Solina watch closeup]

Solina Quartz watch - gold in color - costume jewlery Needs a new battery I think. Yours for only 10 buks!
~~ price 10.00 obo

The Beatles Anthology (Hardcover)

Awesome hardcover book by The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr / Hardcover: 368 pages / Publisher: Chronicle Books; 1 edition (October 5, 2000) / Language: English / ISBN-10: 0811826848 / Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 10.2 x 1.6 inches / Shipping Weight: 6.2 pounds / this also ended up coming out in paperback as well (black cover - sept, 2002) :: online review quote :: From Booklist What should be the final word on the Beatles has arrived. It takes the form of a massive oral-history tome, its contents derived mostly from recorded conversations with Paul, George, and Ringo for the recent TV documentary The Beatles Anthology. Those are augmented by excerpts from interviews with John that are integrated effectively and almost seamlessly with the new material, and by occasional comments from the group's closest associates, such as recording producer George Martin. Big as it is, the volume virtually overflows with fascinating tidbits about growing up in Liverpool, early gigs, the rise to unprecedented fame and acclaim, and the Beatles' pervasive social influence. It seems crammed much in the way that the Beatles crammed several lifetimes' worth of music and living into the decade of the group's existence. Although the contents are somewhat sanitized--this is, after all, essentially a group autobiography--the four address less-pleasant incidents, such as the sacking of original Beatles drummer Pete Best and the petty squabbles that led to the group's 1970 breakup. The text is accompanied by more than 1,300 photos, many letters, and other memorabilia. There isn't much news, though. After 30 years and hundreds of books, few secrets remain to be revealed. But even familiar bits of Beatle lore seem fresh when told in the band's own words. Expect heavy demand for this monumental release, especially after the holidays, from frustrated Beatlemaniacs who failed to find the pricey item under the tree. Gordon Flagg

~~ price 65.00 (firm) / LN.

Industrial Light & Magic: Into the Digital Realm (Hardcover)

Awesome hardcover book by Mark Cotta Vaz (Author), Patricia Rose Duignan (Collaborator) / Hardcover: 328 pages / Publisher: Del Rey; 1st edition (November, 1996) / Language: English / ISBN-10: 0345381521 / Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 10.5 x 1.1 inches / Shipping Weight: 6.2 pounds / See inside (amazon link)

~~ price 25.00 / worn

The Complete Manual of Airbrushing

Great hardcover book, illustrating how to clean and take apart many different types of airbrushes, exercises, and sample artwork by lots of great illustrators. By Peter Owen / Jane Rollason, Knopf publisher / ISBN 0-394-56852-4 - also listed on Amazon.ca
~~ price 48.00 / LN.

Another Dimension

Another Dimension - You have to see it to believe it! 87 images inside the book, 1993. The book is filled with 3D illusion pictures (abstract upon first glance, but real when you look inside them.) ISBN 0-9640954-0-8
~~ price 10.00 / new 23.50


Insomnia - by Stephen King - 1994 first printed edition - hardcover - isbn - 0-670-85503-0
Condition : 9.8 inside perfect (dust jacket has a bit of the price residue still left, and some slight marring on the back)
~~ price 5.00 obo - new 34.99 CND/27.95 USD

joy of cooking

joy of cooking 1995 edition with the funky old-style illustrations by Ginnie Hofmann and Ikki Matsumoto - the next edition after this one has completely different illus.
Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker. Perhaps the only cookbook you really need. Condition : 5
~~ price 5.00

- - -

.\ D V D . f o r . s a l e / t r a d e /.

All or Nothing
Promo-copy / ('02)
2hr 8mins (128) - 16x9 widescreen version
No subtitles, but it does have chapter markers - rated R for pervasive launguage and some sexuality.
external reference link (IMDB)
~~ 3.50

Animation Greats
8 NFB shorts ('98)
76mins - 1.66:1 ratio
Special Delivery / Getting Started / The Big Snit / Get a Job / The Cat Came Back / Juke Bar / Blackfly / The Lump
external reference link (distributor site) - click on "Animation", then "Animation Greats", then "Trailer" to see a clip.
~~ trade

Cabin Boy (1994)
80mins - widescreen version
Wow - worth seeing just for the cupcake scene!
external reference link (IMDB)
~~ 8.50

Creature Comforts
Aardman Animations Presents creature comforts / Nick Park ('00)
creature comforts (1989 6min - 1.85:1) / Wat's Pig (1996 11min) / Not Without my Handbag (1993 11min) / Adam (1991 6min) - claymation stuff (all other shorts are in their original 1.33:1 full-frame ratios) external reference link (IMDB)
~~ trade

The Final Cut
95 min [1.85:1 widescreen]
Directed by Omar Naim [Omar Nam], Robin Williams (as Alan W. Hakman), Mira Sorvino (as Delila), James Caviezel (as Fletcher), Mimi Kuzyk (as Thelma), Stephanie Romanov (as Jennifer Bannister). external reference link (IMDB)
~~ Sell for 7.50

Guess Who
Guess Who('05)
106 min [1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen]
Directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, Bernie Mac (as Percy Jones), Ashton Kutcher (as Simon Green), Zoe Saldana [Zo Saldaa] (as Theresa Jones), Judith Scott (as Marilyn Jones). external reference link (IMDB)
~~ Sell for 7.50

Mr. Bill's Classics
Ohh Nooo!!! Mr. Bill's Classics ('92/'98)
~~ trade

NASA - 25 years
NASA - 25 years / disc 2 ('83)
The Eagle Has Landed / Houston We've Got A Problem / Apollo 15 (In the Mountains of the Moon) / Apollo 16 - Nothing so Hidden / Film Clip of John F. Kennedy's Speech on Space Exploration. external reference link (IMDB)
~~ Sell for 4.50

No Man's Land
Promo-copy / ('01)
1hr 37mins - widescreen version
In Slovenian with English Subtitles (also some French and German)
external reference link (IMDB)
~~ 3.50

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) (V)
Tremors 4 / Michael Gross / Sara Botsford ('04)
101mins - widescreen version 1.85:1
A prequel to Tremors (1990), this movie tells us about the town of Rejection and how they defended it against the worm monsters
external reference link (IMDB)
~~ 5.00 or trade (also have the original Tremors)

S1M0NE ('03)
1hr 57min
Good movie - Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, Jay Mohr, Evan Rachel Wood, Winona Ryder - Al Pacino stars as a down-and-out movie director in this Hollywood satire about a computer-generated actress who becomes an overnight sensation - 1hr 57min. external reference link (IMDB)
~~ Sell for 1.75 (promo copy)

Sonny (2002)
1hr 10min
Interesting movie - Nicolas Cage - Dir (and bit cameo), James Franco, Brenda Blethyn, Harry Dean Stanton, Mena Suvari. Josie Davis, Scott Caan, Seymour Cassel, - New Orleans, 1981. Sonny Phillips, just discharged from the Army, returns home. The only life he's known is as a gigolo, working for his mother, but he wants to leave that behind. However, the job his Army buddy promised doesn't materialize, and he can't escape his past. external reference link (IMDB)
~~ Sell for 5.00

- - -

.\ B e t a m a x . t a p e s . f o r . s a l e / t r a d e /.

Irreconcilable Differences
Ryan O'Neal, Shelley Long, Drew Barrymore ('84)
[112 minutes]
~~ Sell for 1.00 / Swap for another title?

- - -

.\ v i n y l . a l b u m s . f o r . s a l e / t r a d e /.

Vintage vinyl albums for sale / trade. Many more available than I have listed below.

ELOY / Dawn ('76)
external reference link
~~ Sell for 13.00

Duke Jupiter
Duke Jupiter / 1 ('81)
external reference link
~~ Sell for 12.00

The Firm
The Firm / Mean Business ('86)
external reference link | external reference link (CDNOW)
~~ Sell for 15.00

The Headpins
The Headpins / Head Over Heels ('86)
Note: This album isn't available on CD (as far as I know of yet)
external reference link | external reference link (CDNOW)
~~ Sell for 10.00

Molly Hatchet
Molly Hatchet / Take No Prisoners ('81)
external reference link (AMG) | external reference link (CDNOW)
~~ Sell for 10.00

The Moody Blues
The Moody Blues / The Present ('83)
external reference link (AMG) | external reference link (CDNOW)
~~ Sell for 8.00

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent / Free-for-All ('76)
external reference link (AMG) | external reference link (CDNOW)
~~ Sell for 13.00

Status Quo
Status Quo / The Collection
~~ Sell for 15.00

Pat Travers
Pat Travers / Hot Shot ('84)
external reference link
~~ Sell for 12.00

All vinyl albums in near mint shape unless otherwise noted -- only played once for dubbing onto cassette tape when first purchased (circa 1984-1987), and placed in a new mint polypropylene (not absolutely sure if that is the correct type) bag for jacket protection. Have been stored upright in cases since then.
- - -

Wants/Trades -- In other-words, things I would like but *I DO NOT* have:

camera gear: Minolta Colormeter III F or II, a real panoramic camera like the Fuji GX617 or G617 or Linhof Technorama 617 &c.; or 6x9 like the Voigtlander Bessa I or II, or 6x9 Ikonta C.; Contax 645 AF; Large format: korona 5x7, Canham 4x10, Silvestri T30 (6x9 and 4x5 hybrid)
Minolta AF stuff: Lenses:: 35/1.4, 85/1.4, 20/2.8, 1.4x APO II converter, 28-70/2.8, 135/f2.8, 70-200/2.8 SSM, 300/f2.8 APO, 200/f4 macro, Sigma 180/f2.8 macro . . .Flashes:: 5600HS(D), 3600HS(D) &c . . .
Bodies:: a900
35mm stuff: Konica Minolta Elite 5400 II (35mm scanner), Konica Minolta Elite 5400 IIHasselblad XPan hybrid camera (Japanese version [Fuji TX-1] preffered), Konica Auto-Reflex and the meterless Auto-Reflex P (and their variants) switchable half-frame/full-frame 35mm SLRs, Nickelodeon Photo Blaster

Wanted: stand-up Arcade Machines, (coin-operated) working or not, paying $50-250.00 depending on condition, leave message at 403.922.4683 / pickup available - in and around Calgary, Alberta. // Working or not : vintage classic coin-op arcade machines, circa late 70s and early 80s [Asteroids, Pac-man, Tempest, Space Invaders, Qix, Arkanoid, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Robotron, Joust, Marble Madness, etc.] - perhaps some late 80s or early 90s, especially if they were variants on classic titles. . . . Marquees looking for : 1943, Solar Fox (and side-art), Tempest (Overlay)

musical gear:
MOTU firewire stuff, Old effects rack processors, like an Alesis MidiVerb II

CD's: AC/DC - Blow Up Your Video (1988) | The Cool Sound of Pepper Adams - Pepper Adams (1994 release, album rec 1957) | Aerosmith - Honkin' On Bobo (2004) | AFI - Sing the Sorrow (2003) | Tori Amos - Tales of a Librarian: A Tori Amos Collection (2003 - CD or DVD) | Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006) | Susie Arioli - Pennies From Heaven (2002), That's For Me (2004) | Asia - Astra (the DDD version, not the AAD) | Chet Baker - Chet Baker In Paris – Volume 2 | Patricia Barber - Split (1989/2004) | Bauhaus - Gotham (1999) | The Beatles - With The Beatles (1963) | Jeff Beck - Jeff (2003) | Pat Benatar - True Love (1991), Innamorata (1998), Greatest Hits (2005) | Big Sugar - 500 Pounds (1995) | Big & Rich - Horse of a Different Color (~) (2004) | Billy Talent (2003), II (2006) | Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt - Bittova & Fajt (1987/1991) | The Dave Brubeck Trio - 24 Classic Original Recordings - Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals (1950) NOT to be confused with the "Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals" that came out in 1956 with only 12 tracks - the 24 one is great!, Dave Brubeck - Jazz Impressions of New York (1964) | Bill Bruford - One of a Kind (1979), Bruford Tapes (1980), Master Strokes: 1978-1985 (1986) | Michael Buble - 2003-Totally Buble (2003) | Budgie - Best of Budgie [Cube] (1981), An Ecstasy of Fumbling: The Definitive Anthology (1996), Heavier Than Air: Live on the BBC (1998), We Came We Saw [Live on the BBC] (1998), Life In San Antonio: Reunion Concert (2002), Last Stage (2003), Out of the Cage into the Vault [box set] (2004), remasters (2005) live at charlie chaplin a+m studios (live) - 1978, remasters global village club live - 1974 | Bulgarian Womens Choir - Voices of Life (Oct 10, 2000) - has 3 Jobson tracks on it 1 with Tony Levin too | Charlie Byrd - The Charlie Byrd Christmas Album (1982) | Capitol's Great Ladies of Song - Sentimental Journey (1992) | Cheap Trick - In Color [Bonus Tracks] (1977), Special One (2003) | Chixdiggit - Pink Razors (2005) | the Cinematics | Eric Clapton - Sessions for Robert J (2004) | Holly Cole - Temptation (1995) | Albert Collins & The Icebreakers - Live 1992-1993 (1995) | Harry Connick, Jr. - Only You (2004) | Chick Corea & Bobby McFerrin - Play (1992) | Coroner - No More Color (2003) | The Crusaders - Rural Renewal (2003) | The Crystal Method - Tweekend (2001) | Curved Air - Love Child (1990) - has 2 Jobson tracks on it | D:A:D - Call of the Wild, No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims, Helpyourselfish, Simpatico, Psychopatico, Everything Glows | Danko Jones - Danko Jones (EP-1998), I'm Alive and on Fire (A Collection of Songs: 1996-1999) (2001), Sleep Is the Enemy (2006) | Miles Davis - 'Round About Midnight (1956), Miles Ahead (1957), Kind of Blue (1959) | Ani DiFranco - Not A Pretty Girl (1995), Educated Guess (2003), Evolve (~) (2003) | Celine Dion - 1 fille & 4 types (2003) | The Divinyls - Underworld (1996), Make You Happy 1981-1993 (1997), Live (2001) | Enigma - The Screen Behind the Mirror (2000) | 54-40 - Dear Dear (1992), Yes to Everything (2005) | Everything But The Girl - Like The Deserts Miss the Rain (2002) | Flash and the Pan - Flash & The Pan/Lights in the Night (1997) | Fluke - Risotto (1997) | Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999) | Peter Gabriel - Up (2002) | Matthew Good - White Light Rock & Roll Review (2004) | Jack Green - Reverse Logic (1981), Mystique (1983), Lastest Game (1986) | Green Day - Warning (2000), American Idiot (2004) | Groovy Aardvark | Gun - Gun (1968), Gun - Gunsight | Sammy Hagar - Marching To Mars (1997) | Roy Hargrove - Family (1995) | George Harrison / All Things Must Pass [30th Anniversary Edition] | Heart - Bebe Le Strange (Expanded Edition) (2004) | Henderson (Mike) and Bluebloods, The / First Blood (1996) | Faith Hill - Breathe (1999), Cry (2002) | Glenn Hughes - Songs in the Key of Rock | Billy Idol - VH1 Storytellers (2001), Devil's Playground (~) (2005) | Infected Mushroom - Gathering (1999), Classical Mushroom (2000), B.P. Empire (2002) | Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights (2002) | Chris Isaak - San Francisco Days (1993), Baja Sessions (1996), Speak of The Devil (1998) | Mark Isham - Blue Sun (1995) | Colin James - Colin James And The Little Big Band (1993) | Jet - Get Born (2003) | Eddie Jobson - Yesterday Boulevard (track title, not sure what album it is from - anyone?!) | Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales (2000), On & On (2003), In Between Dreams (2005) | Journey - Evolution (1979) | Juliette & The Licks - Your Speaking My Language (2005) | Kansas - Audio-Visions (1980), Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection 1974-2004 (2004) | Katrina & The Waves - Walking on Sunshine - The Greatest Hits of Katrina & The Waves (1989) | Jack De Keyzer - 6 String Lover (2003) | King Crimson - USA (1975) [has overdubs by Roxy Music member Eddie Jobson (violin, piano) on a few tracks apparently] | King's X - Out of the Silent Planet (1988), Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (1989), Best of King's X (1997), Tape Head (1998), Black Like Sunday (2003) | Diana Krall - Only Trust Your Heart (1994) | Lenny Kravitz - Lenny (2001) | Richie Kotzen | Lake - Lake/Paradise Island (Nov 26, 1996) | Lappelectro - Closer Than They Appear (2003) | Lynda Lemay - Live (1999), Les Lettres Rouges (2002) | The Lovemongers - Battle of Evermore (1993 ep) | Steve Lukather & Friends - Santamental | Jason McCoy - Sins, Lies and Angels (2003) | Medeski, Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon In The Universe (1995) | Dave Meniketti - Live in Japan (2003) [Japanese Import], Meniketti (2003) | Derek Miller - Dirty Looks (2006) | Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal - Buena Vista Social Club Presents Manuel Guajiro Mirabal (2005) | Wes Montgomery - The Best of Wes | Gary Moore - Power of the Blues (2004), Bad For You Baby (2008) | Mike Morgan & The Crawl Feat. Lee McBee - I Like The Way You Work It (1999) | Maria Muldaur - A Woman Alone With The Blues (2003) | National Lampoon - That's not funny, that's sick (1977) | The New Adventurers - New Adventures (1980), Wild Cats Moanin' (1981), Crusade (1982) | Nirvana - Nevermind (1991) | Renee Olstead - Renee Olstead (2004), Skylark (2009) Oscar Peterson Christmas (1995) | Itzhak Perlman - The Perlman Edition - The Kriesler Album (2003) | Pez | Pezz - One Last Look (1997), Warmth & Sincerity (1999) | Piano One (1985) - has 4 Eddie Jobson tracks on it | Pink Floyd - Pulse [Live] (1995) | Pixies | PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love (1995), Uh Huh Her (2004) | Queen - News of the World (1977) | Queensryche - Promised Land (1994) | Kimberly Rew - Bible of Bop (1982), Tunnel into Summer (2000) | Roxy Music - Avalon (1982) | Rush - Moving Pictures (1981) | Sade - Lovers Live (2002) | Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien (1987), or 2007 - re-issue w/DVD | School of Rock (2003) | William Shatner - Has Been (2004) | Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? (1999), Tales of the Inexpressible (2001) | Elliott Smith - From a Basement on the Hill (2004) | Sofa | Steely Dan - Royal Scam (1976) | Tegan & Sara - So Jealous (2004) | Trapeze - Medusa (1970), Way Back to the Bone Live (1998), Hold On (1998) | Troika (Russian-rock, not Nuage) | The Umbrellas | UK - Road Test, November 9, 1978 (bootleg), Concert Classics, Vol. 4 (Apr 27, 1999) | Van Halen - Women And Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), Diver Down (1982) | Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Greatest Hits (1995), The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1999) | Roger Waters - In The Flesh (2000) | Whitey Houston - Whitey Houston (1995) | Y&T - Ten (1990), Endangered Species (1998), BBC in Concert: Live on the Friday Rock Show (2000), Live at San Francisco [Video] | Yes - Close To The Edge (1972), Going For The One [regular, NOT w/bonus tracks] (1977) | Keys to Ascension (1996) | ZZTOP - Afterburner (1985), ZZ Top: Eliminator Reissue

video gear: Canon XL1 or GL-1 (DVC), EDC-55 (ED-Cam), EDV-9300 or EDV-7300 (or US equivalent 9500, 7500, or Japan equiv. 9000/8000), &c. BETACAM SP tapes (1-pass), Sony DVPS7700 DVD Player remote or DVP-S600D

books: 20th Century Fox/Chronicle Books "The Art of Robots" (designed by Charette) :: Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984 (Paperback) :: Naga - softbound selection of Hajime Sorayama (June 1997), Sorayama: Complete Works, Torquere : Joe Chiodo : Ragnar : RUBIK'S REVENGE PUZZLE - The Ideal Solution - Publisher: Newark (1982, 34 pages - ext ref link) : Winning Solution to Rubik's Revenge - by Minh Thai; Herbert Taylor; M. Razid Black - Publisher: Banbury Wayne USA (1982, ISBN: 0-440-07500-9, 73 pages - ext ref link) : appleworks manual (version 1 perhaps -- apple //e version) : The Straight Dope - by Cecil Adams (first book - small and black) : MOJO issue 69 (Aug 1999) [MOJO the music magazine] : Magazines: Replay and Playmeter magazines from the 70s and 80s. Comics: Richie Rich (old stuff, that has a cover price of 50c or less - so stuff from 1960 to the early to mid 70s - the character also popped up in other comics before he had his own - a few times in Little Dot, and Harvey Hits).

DVD Movies:
Analize This, Antarctica (IMAX), Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe, Basic Instinct, Brazil (regular or Criterion 3 Disc), Clean and Sober (wide version only), Dead Poets Society, Desperado, Ghostbusters, Hurly Burly (1998), Jacobs Ladder, Jason And The Argonauts, JFK, Joe's Apartment, Leaving Las Vegas (1995), The Professional (1994), Queen - We Will Rock You (live in Montreal), Rick Wakeman Live (1990), Sid & Nancy - Criterion Collection, Space Trucker (1996), 2001, Tron, The Tune (1992, Bill Plympton), Unforgiven (1992), Yes - Yessongs (1973)

1969 VW camper van, or pre-1984 VW Westfallia (i.e., air cooled) : 1970 Maurauder : a decent Ford truck, like the F150 - can look like crap, but running with a decent tranny for under 1k and passing inspection would get me excited.

misc gear:
vintage Rubik's cube (from the early 80s - I can tell you how to know), Sawyer's 500 R spring loaded slide (straight) tray - circa 1950/60s, Kids piggy bank from the late '70s, early '80s - plastic, perhaps glass - sort of Pachinko-like - you would put the coins in the top, and they would roll down ramps, and get sorted into the proper denominations. I was enamored of it as a kid. Old manual typewriters, like a Royal or Underwood. Woman's Cannondale touring, hybrid or mountain bike. SEIKO digital watches circa 1984, such as the calculator, audio-recording or B&W TV watch -- must be in working condition (the screen needs to work, might be able to clean/fix the buttons). Ski boots size 11.5 or 12 (mens). working or broken coin-op games from the late 70s and early 80s - or up to 1988-ish. Thinking of *upgrading* a piece of gear? I might want your things collecting dust around your place :)

MP3s: No Doubt - Sting - Superbowl XXXVII (SOS Message in a bottle) [26.01.03] - great track - anyone record that on tape - I'd like to have an mp3 (or better) version of it.

computer gear:
Working or not : vintage classic coin-op arcade machines, circa late 70s and early 80s [Asteroids, PacMan, Tempest, Space Invaders, Qix, Arkanoid, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Robotron, Joust, Marble Madness, Zoo Keeper, etc.] - perhaps some late 80s or early 90s, especially if they were variants on classic titles. . . . Marquees looking for : Solar Fox (and side-art), Tempest (Overlay) . . . Macintosh G3 desktop, G4 Cube, or older G4 system -- will pay up to 500.00 for an old ProTower box depending on model, or up to 25.00 for an old beige G3, or up to 250.00 for a mac-mini. . . . Atari 1040STE, Mega2 or Mega4, Atari color monitor SC1224 . . . Nintendo Game & Watch MANHOLE . . .
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