a farce by

Kico Gonzalez-Risso

Into a refuge for troubled artists stumbles famed critic Arthur Hurtz - the very man who drove them to the edge of insanity. Their sanctuary turns into a cauldron of chaos, and what ensues is a tangled and wicked plot of disguise, deceit, sexual intrigue and madness.

ART ATTACK is a farce set in a clinic for depressed artists who are trying to get their careers back on track. The head of the clinic is having an affair with the city's leading arts critic, Art Hurtz, who is secretly married to a prominent actress. When he accidentally lambastes his own wife's performance (thanks to poor editing), she books into the clinic for a weekend where she plans to expose her husband's dirty secrets. To save his reputation and his marriage, Art is forced to disguise himself as a failed opera singer and participate in the clinic's own brand of therapy.

Review Excerpts

"ACTORS DESERVE MEDALS FOR ON STAGE ATHLETICS.... And the name of the game for the audience at opening night was trying to keep track of the score. And there are plenty of occasions for the audience to roar with delight, such as when Hurtz goes to great lengths to keep his distance from the artists by using a flaming orange toupe to disguise himself as Mr. Bugroff the groundsman. Or when he assumes the chest plate and headpiece of an atrocity called Cyclops (apparently donated to the retreat by Andy Warhol during some low moments in his career).

"To really savour the barrage of one-liners, one may have to sit through it again; either that or get a hold of the script beforehand and follow along.

"The Art Attack cast's energy is quite amazing, and the in-the-round stage is used to the fullest. But the energy never lets up, winding tighter and faster with momentum until the entire cast is spinning around the central table and in and out of the wings like so many whirling dervishes. As the senses begin to overload, the eyes glaze over. No wonder T.V. sit-coms - sedate by comparison - only last half an hour."

(The Langley Times, July 14, 1990)

"Art Attack at White Rock's Arena Theatre has a good plot, many clever lines..."

(The Vancouver Province, June 26, 1990)

"Enticing..." (The Georgia Straight, July 6, 1990)

"This is his [KG-R] tightest and funniest farce so far."

(Bellingham Herald, June 21, 1990)

"ART ATTACK - the comic tour-de-farce...the Terrace Little Theatre pulls out all the stops in this delicious farce." (The Terrace Standard, April 2002)

First produced in 1990 by Arena Theatre, White Rock, B.C.


2 acts


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