"Let our lord now command thy servants, which are before thee, to seek out a man, who is a cunning player on an harp."

(I Sam.16:16)

a monologue for a harpist

A woman detective - disguised as a man - is sent to investigate a crime. What the crime is and who the perpetrator is are all part of the investigation. At the scene of the crime is a large covered instrument - the only clue, the only suspect in the case.

The detective soon discovers that she has, in fact, been set up. She finds herself caught in an elaborate trap - a trap that has taken a lifetime to prepare. By the time she recognizes her old arch-enemy as the mastermind behind the set-up, any hope of escape is gone. She is left with one last option for survival, an option that brings her face to face with life and death.

HARP & SOLO is presented in the film noir tradition. It synthesizes aspects of harp history along with the trials and tribulations of performance. The monologue can be presented on its own, but is ideally suited to be part of a full evening's recital.

HARP & SOLO was originally presented at the Playwrights Theatre Centre's Spring Festival on March 19th, 1996. The piece was part of the Seedling Projects, an evening of experimental new work. The playwright and director was Kico Gonzalez-Risso; the performer was Rita Costanzi. The show was designed by Mr. Gonzalez-Risso. Music played during the piece was composed by Ms. Costanzi. Since its debut, HARP & SOLO has been an integral part of Rita Costanzi's recitals throughout British Columbia. The show received excellent reviews when performed at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre during the 1997 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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