a two-act musical farce
Kico Gonzalez-Risso

The action takes place at the prestigious Truffle Academy, a hot bed of music and mayhem, barely controlled by Maestro Lafafarte who wields the baton as Head of the Academy. Into this stew of petty musical jealousies and inflated egos steps the biggest ego of them all - Andre-Lou Woofer, world famous composer and all-round not-too-talented guy. He's at the Academy to record his latest musical extravaganza. What ensues is a symphony of silliness, as a chorus of crazies wreak havoc on the Academy, and an unknown and unlikely hero emerges as the next mega-star.

First produced in 1998 by Magee Theatre, Vancouver, B.C.

2 acts
6m/4f  & 3 sopranos or 2 sopranos and a countertenor

SETTING: A concert hall with a recording studio and piano in The Truffle Academy of Music.

Note:    The actor playing the lead character,Renfrew, should be a tenor
            The actor playing the character of Chi-Chi Michu should play piano
            The singers playing the characters of The Three Tunas should have classical training
            The character of Alessandro Moochi communicates through mime
            No one has to know how to play cello


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